Anupama 24th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Anupama asks Malti Devi not to cry. She says that being a mother, I am saying that Anuj is not wrong and it is a mother’s fault in this. Malti Devi admits that it is her mistake, I admit that choosing my dream is not my mistake, but leaving my son and never turning towards him again was a mistake, I made a big mistake. She says that I had realized this long ago, but did not have the courage to accept it and did not want to come in front of my son.

She says my ego was huge, and I was running away from the mother inside me, but today I couldn’t bear it and realized the biggest mistake of my life. She asks Anupama to let her stay here and says I will try to make her understand. She says I can’t bear if he hates me. She says I have to convince my son somehow and pleads in front of Anupama to let him stay here. Anupama is surprised. She thinks what should she do and recalls Malti Devi’s request and Anuj’s decision.

Shah returned to his home. She sees Kinjal bringing Baa there, and tells Anupama that Malti Devi is recognizing Anuj and calling him son, because he is rich, and says if he was poor she would not have missed him. . She says you have made Anuj’s house a Dharam Shala and says first she let Anuj’s brother and sister-in-law stay in the house, then Romil, Maya and says you can also invite the milkman to stay here. .

Anupama says Malti Devi is Anuj’s mother, how to ask her to leave. Babu ji says that we cannot leave him on the road, he will have to stay here until a place for him to stay is arranged. Vanraj says Anuj made it clear that if Malti Devi is here then he will not stay here. Anupama says what to do? Babu ji asks him to handle Anuj while he handles Malti Devi. Facebook is over. Baa says there were already problems in our house, you should have asked us before taking this responsibility. Vanraj says if Anuj comes to know about this then he will get angry with us. Baa says you did not do right, you are the elder of this house, but others live here.

Vanraj says Anupama and you both think from your heart and not from your mind. Kinjal goes to get water for Malti Devi. Babu ji says whatever I did, I did for my daughter. Baa says when Anuj refused to accept her, Anupama must have asked him to leave. Babu ji says he is sick and old, how can we leave him on the road. He says Anupama will make arrangements for his stay in 2-3 days. Vanraj says why Anupama wanted to become great because of him. Babu ji says that this world is running because of women like Anupama. Baa asks Babu ji to ask Anupama to make arrangements for her stay.

Anupama comes into the room. Anuj says I am broken, leave me alone for some time. Anupama asks can I sit here. Anuj asks her to leave him alone today. She goes out and asks Kanha ji to give strength to my Anuj. Barkha asks Ankush why Anupama wants to bring helpless people here. Ankush says that we also technically fall in this category. She says you are her brother. Barkha says Anuj doesn’t accept her, and will do what Malti Devi does, he will leave her in old age home. Ankush says we are reacting angrily, but Anupama is thinking sensibly. He says if we throw her out and something happens to her, Anuj will die of guilt.

Barkha says why are you like Anupama, and says Malti came here to get the property. She says she can do anything and become an emotional fool like Anupama. Ankush says Anupama is not an emotional fool. Barkha says Malti Devi is a bad news. He says that there cannot be any bad news for the mother. Barkha says she will throw us out. Anupama is staying outside. Anuj calls Anupama and she goes inside. Anuj asks him to sit. Anupama sits with him.

Aadi and Pakhi are in the car. Pakhi thanks him for the long journey. Adhik says I will thank you for the second chance and says I was thinking, we can shift somewhere and start again. Pakhi says we tried, but being with family is fun. He says yes. Pakhi says we will think about the child. He stops the car and asks are you serious? He says our life has started now, we have started understanding each other and says we will think about the baby later. Pakhi says she wants to say that she is mentally prepared for this, we can’t do this right now but at least we can talk. She says our family will be complete.

Anuj says his head is bursting. Anupama says I didn’t know you would feel so much pain, I wanted to give you happiness but gave pain in return. Anuj says this is not your mistake, I was angry at Malti Devi, and that is why I asked you to leave me. They say that 8 year old child Malti Dev

How can one forgive a man who was waiting for his mother? He says I have nothing in my heart for him, no connection or connection, and says I am not upset with him, but hate him. He says I got the answer to my question today and found out why my parents left me in the orphanage. He says that whenever there was a knock at the ashram, I used to run outside and see if my parents had come to pick me up, whether my mother had come to pick me up. He says, when children used to fly kites, I used to feel that the kite reaches the sky, etc.

That is why I learned to fly kites and used to write on every kite to return my money. He says that the boy did not know that his mother was fulfilling her dreams and dancing and I did not know that I was a stone in her path. He says that time I didn’t want him and now I don’t want him. He says if my decision doesn’t matter and says I realized the word mother is not for him, and hence I can’t forgive myself. He cries and hugs her. He says I hate her, why did she come here? Anupama asks her not to cry.

Precap: Dimpy feels unwell. Kinjal asks are you fine. Babu ji asks Malti Devi to have tea. Baa gets angry. Anuj says tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and this day is important for me because you have entered my life and house for the first time. He says as Bappa goes, Malti Devi will have to go from my life. Anupama wonders what to do, she is stubborn.


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Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Dimpy feels unwell. Kinjal asks are you fine. Babu ji asks Malti Devi to have tea. Baa gets angry.

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