Anupama 26th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 26th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Anuj keeps the luggage in the car and tells Anupama that he forgot to bring the card after payment and goes to get it. Anupama calls Babu ji and says you are worried. Babu ji says my daughter is also worried. Anupama says I have burdened you and done wrong. He says you know your baa. He asks about Anuj. Anupama tells that she has built a stone wall around her heart, I don’t know how to explain it to her.

She says I am scared, if I try too hard then his pain may increase and if I don’t try then his pain may not reduce. Babu ji tells Anupama that tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and he went to Anuj’s house for the first time. He asks her not to worry. Anupama ends the call and hugs Anuj. Anuj says let’s go home. Barkha tells that she had forbidden Ankush to go, but he went for an important meeting. Anupama says no problem, work is important. She sees Pakhi talking about decorations with Adhikari and Romil.

Younger Anu tells that in her orphanage it was said that Ganapati likes children very much. Anuj says even in his orphanage. Anupama says those who have small children at home, may God bless them especially. Pakhi tells younger Anu that the younger child may come by next year. Barkha asks are you planning a child. Pakhi says we are thinking. Barkha says you are like children and asks them to focus on marriage and relationship first.

Pakhi says this is the best time for this, I listened to mummy and you, I am physically fit and can handle the baby. She says that mom became a mother one after another at this age. Anupama says that our situation, circumstances etc. were different. She says that if the child is not born within a year then the mother in law used to hold puja and ask them to wait for a year. Anuj says child is a big responsibility and says child’s life can also be ruined. Younger Anu says we should talk about Bappa otherwise he will get upset.


Malti Devi apologizes to God and says you gave me a son like Anuj and I left him, I did a big mistake. She apologizes and says I don’t deserve forgiveness, still I am apologizing. She says that I considered my son a burden. She prays to God to reunite her with her son and says that now she will not ask for anything.

Baa listens to him and says Anuj must have prayed to God like this to send his mother. She says you wanted to become a mother for your own benefit, and says now I hate hearing this, and says if a stranger gives us his child in the bus and train then we embrace that child too. Let’s apply. She says I will pray that just like Anuj got his mother, similarly this mother also gets her son, so that her wounds get healed. She says you left her in the orphanage and Anupama had adopted a girl from the orphanage.

He says you left your son for your dreams and Anupama left her dreams for someone else’s daughter. She says mother would be like that, and asks her to learn motherly love. She goes. Malti Devi cried.


Anuj comes to Anupama and says I woke up that is why I came. Anupama tells that she was free so she was thinking of making something and says that when they had less money, she used to stitch clothes for the children, but later they used to buy readymade clothes. Anuj says I will say that she is a mother. He asks whose is it? Anupama calls Samar and says he is my beloved son and used to obey me. She tells that Toshu and Pakhi used to run around their father.

She says Samar has taught me everything and he opened my dance academy, my first bank account and says he is my soldier though everyone calls him mummy ka chamcha. She says that a mother loves all her children, but her relationship with Samar is different. Anuj says that I had a similar relationship with my mother (foster mother). Then he says that Malti Devi is not my mother. Anupama asks him to go and sleep.


Anuj and Anupama keep Bappa there and garland him. Anupama says she wishes Gurumaa had attended the puja. Anuj indicated what happened? She doesn’t sign anything. After puja and aarti. She makes girls wear clothes with messages on them and boys wear chunris with messages on them. At last she hugs Samar.

They start dancing on the song Deva Shri Ganesha… Samar is about to slip and fall on the spiked lamp stand, but Anupama catches him at the right time and hugs him. She scolds him. Samar says I am fine and when my loving mother is with me nothing can happen to me. Baa says it is good that nothing happened. They start dancing again. Anupama prays to God, and asks him to bless her Anuj and his children. She asks him to keep her family safe. Samar’s message cloth falls down. Anupama removes the evil glance from him and smiles.


Precap: Dimpy tells that she wants to say something. Baa says that today It’s a defeat, so leave it. Anupama says let him say. Dimpy says I am pregnant. Everyone be happy. Samar hugs Anupama and says I am going to a father. Anupama says I will become a grandmother.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS.Anuj asking Anupama to leave Malti Devi’s case and focus on Ganesh Chaturthi shopping.Anuj and Anupama plan the puja deliberately as it is a very special festival for them which marks the beginning of their love story.


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