Anupama 30th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Anupama says this boy (Samar) says anything. Samar goes to Vanraj and says I had a lot of complaints with you, but I never saw that all your time was wasted in giving us a good life. He says you never supported me for dance and used to scold me, but I didn’t see your concern behind it. He says, when I was becoming a father myself, I realized that you are a wonderful father. He says I love you a lot and hugs Vanraj. Vanraj thanks him.

Samar says if someone asks me how would parents be, I would say parents would be like them, and says I don’t know if I will be able to be like them or be a good father. He says he wants to be like papa and wants to be like papa, and wants to give everything to my child and wants to give him the best values of mommy. He says that he wants the child to have everyone’s qualities and to count everyone’s qualities. He asks them to give love to the child, and says that they cannot handle the child alone. Anupama says we will stay with him. Samar says it is my dream to take you all out of Ahmedabad, says he doesn’t have money right now.

He says that today he will eat food prepared by his mother as if he is eating it for the last time. Anupama feeds him with her own hands. Toshu tries to put his hand on Samar’s plate, but Anupama stops him and says it is just for Samar.

Later everyone gets ready and comes out. Wives signal to their husbands that they are good looking. Anuj says come on boys. Baa says then our party starts from here. Toshu asks why are you all so ready. Vanraj says I thought you would sit here and peel carrots. Anuj says this is women’s music. Kavya says we prepared it for ourselves. Vanraj says you are not partying like us. Kavya says we can party till we want, as it is time for the restaurant to close. Anuj says this is a boring meeting at home. Toshu says where women talk bad about their husbands. Vanraj says the real fun of the party is outside. The women ask him to leave and come late. Samar is leaving home.

Anupama holds his hand and says okay. Samar says I will leave. Anupama asks him to say that he will come back. He says I am going for a party. Samar sits on Toshu’s bike and goes away. Anupama gets worried after seeing the thread and prays to Kanha ji. She thinks what to do, should I call him back. Kavya comes out and asks what happened? Anupama shows the thread and tells that it has come out. Kavya says the thread has unraveled, but your blessings are always with her, you have blessed her and removed the evil eye from her. Anupama says yes.

Men come to the club. Vanraj says, I thought we will go somewhere else. Anuj says this is Samar’s role. Toshu tells that this is Samar’s first act of fatherhood. Samar says yes. They go inside. Some goons come to the club. The boy says there is no good girl here, what is the use of your VIP membership. Main man Sonu says he didn’t get time to do gym today. This shows that he has a gun. He gets a call from his father and goes to attend it. The man says that someone was sitting at Sonu’s designated table. The other boy says Sonu will handle it and asks them to stay calm.

Women are happy. Barkha says this is the baby’s first party and the baby will be born laughing. Baa says the baby will be born crying. Anupama says that it enhances her lungs. Baa reminds her that she cried a lot when she saw a woman’s son dying on TV. Anupama says that it feels very bad when a mother loses her son. Pakhi asks him not to talk about this. Kavya says she will order food. Anupama says why order food? Pakhi says you should not go to kitchen to cook. Anupama says she has already prepared the food when she was cooking for Samar. He says you are really Anupama and says Jai Annapurna Devi. Anupama asks herself not to worry and says everyone is with Samar, and it will be good.

Sonu comes to the table and asks Vanraj, Anuj and others to party somewhere else, as it is their fixed table. Anuj says the manager allotted it to us and we settled here. Sonu says the manager did not know that I will come today. He says I will sit on this table only. Anuj says we will shift to some other table. Sonu says uncle ji has a face as well as a brain. He says goodbye. They shift to another table. Vanraj says we can have party at tea stall also, nothing changes by changing tables. They say cheers and enjoy.

The women also cheer and drink cold drinks. Pakhi asks Dimpy what she wants? Baa says Dimpy would like me to throw her out. Dimpy says no and says she wants to know about motherhood. Anupama tells what becoming a mother is like

It is as if we have gone to a temple and are sitting there. Kinjal says yes.

Anuj says I know how difficult it is to be a father, and says being a father is more than paying kids fees and going to PTM every year. He says Toshu is the youngest father here, and tells that Papa is our father and the best father is Babu ji. They ask about his age. Babu ji does not tell. Sonu is staring at Anuj.

Precap: Anupama is worried about Samar and asks did he let her tie the thread. As soon as Samar’s dead body arrives, Vanraj shouts and says Anuj is responsible for this.


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