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Barsatein 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Jai laughing. He says this is too much, I left you alone for some time, you changed, you used to hate girls, you fell in love. Reyaansh says yes, Viren doesn’t know that I am not Vikram, don’t tell him. Vikram comes and jokes. Jai asks him not to get senti. Reyansh says I need to talk to you. Jai says we will, you will cry for your mother and I will cry with you, sorry Ankush, you are not invited. Vikram says okay. Reyaansh says Ankush, I love you.

Viren talks to his friend Khurana. Khurana praised Jai. The man says investors have decided, Jai is the winner. Everyone claps. Jai says we need a local partner, so Vikram Kumar has talent, he chooses the story and gives personal touch, I want him to work for me, let me be my new partner Vikram Kumar, I hope That Viren will not have any problem. Viren says why not. Reyansh says no one can come between me and my friend. Aradhana says good luck. Jai asks Vikram to come on stage.

Jai says, I was thinking that I will stay here, we will establish the company. Reyansh asks did you fall in love with someone. Jai says not now, but you never know. He looks at Aradhana and smiles. Aradhana thinks about the letter. She argues with Reyansh. Kriti says we will have some fun. She flirts with Jai. Aradhana taunts Reyansh.

Kriti says I want to know stories about your ex-partner. Jai says I think about the future. She says it very well. Aradhana says I got shock from my ex-partner. Reyansh says my ex never saw her mistakes, she never felt anything for me. She says maybe he did it, your poison broke him. Jai says Aradhana, leave it, you can’t win from him. Aradhana says I know, we have an old relationship, he is professional, he traps everyone in his words and then reveals their secrets to the world. Viren drinks. Malini says you will fall ill.

He gets the letter and says I got this letter at home. Aradhana sees this. He says that one of your daughters must have written this for you. Malini says oh. He says read it later, celebrate with us. Aradhana thinks it is Reyansh’s mistake. A woman asks Kimaya about the marriage being cancelled. Kimaya says I have work. She goes. Aradhana scolds Reyansh. He says I did not read any letter. She says I can’t trust you, you are my problem, Viren gives that letter to Malini, the truth of my life is written in that letter. Kimaya is sad. Malini asks about Kimaya. Aradhana says she was talking to some aunty, she was looking worried. Reyansh says I will go and see.


Reyansh sees Kimaya and talks to her. He says I was bored, so came here to join now, trust me, I have always done this, don’t punish parents. Kimaya smiles. Malini and everyone come. Malini hugs Kimaya. Kimaya says I am fine. Jai and Aradhana come. Kimaya says Vikram came to save me. Kriti thanks Reyansh. He says no problem, she is a good girl.


Kriti says promise, you will take care of her. Reyansh says yes. Khurana says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Jai goes to Aradhana and asks if he can help. She says no, you can’t help. He says that if this happens you will be doubly stressed, now don’t worry. Kriti and Komal cry for Kimaya and hug. They joke and smile. Malini says my daughters have written a letter for me. Aradhana is worried. Viren says please I will read it out loud, I will see what is written and which daughter has written it. Jai asks if you have written this letter.

Aradhana cries. She says this is happening because of you. Reyansh signs it. Viren reads the letter. Aradhana finds out that the letter has been changed. He remembers changing the letters. Kimaya looks at Reyasn and thinks he has done this for me. Viren and Malini become happy. Kimaya thinks very sweet, Vikram, you have planned this surprise for me. Viren hugs Kimaya. Aradhana wonders where the original letter is. Kimaya asks have you written this letter. Reyansh says I have given words to your thoughts, your parents are relieved, you have to be happy. She goes. Aradhana asks Reyansh if you did this to trouble me. He asks what is your problem. She says you want to blackmail me. He gives the letter and says I didn’t read it, take it.

Malini asks Kimaya to fall in love again. Aradhana says Jai is my boss. Reyansh asks don’t you love me. Malini sees Aradhana’s photo and cries.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Barsatein

ANS. You can watch Barsatein online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

Q1.Barsatein upcoming story

ANS.Aradhana thanking Jai while Jai questions her about the reason behind her thanking.Aradhana explains the reason saying that she made him laugh like this after a long time, she doesn’t even remember the last time she laughed, to which Jai replies that he will not ask her the reason for her sadness as it would make her laugh again. Will become sad. ,


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