Barsatein 27th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Barsatein 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Reyansh tearing the letter and eating the paper. He says now the secret is in my stomach. Aradhana says I am suffering the punishment for trusting you, I will never trust you again. She goes. He thinks I understood, there is no love without trust, this is my punishment.

Kimaya comes to Malini. Malini says I am very impressed by that letter. She hugs Kimaya and says I know what you are going through, after heartbreak we get scared and it gets fixed again, life is giving you a chance again, fill your heart, It will not break. She looks at Aradhana’s photo and cries. She misses him. She says be happy. Viren comes to her. She gets worried. The box falls. She says I will come. She picks up the box. The picture falls there. Reyansh is on the way. He thinks I deserve a second chance.

Aradhana thinks how can I give you a second chance, you ruined my identity, I don’t have the courage to bear betrayal. When morning comes, Viren tells Jai about joining his company. Malini jokes about her daughters falling in love. Komal says Kimaya is in someone’s thoughts, Kriti is trying to be romantic. Kriti kicks Komal. Viren gets hurt. Kriti says sorry. Malini asks should I talk to Jai’s mother. Kriti says yes. Komal teases Kriti. Kimaya smiles. Malini calls Neetu and asks why didn’t you talk at the expo, Viren and Akash met after a long time, I missed you, ask Jai if he wants to get married here. Kriti says you hurried. Malini asks why not.

Aradhana and Reyansh start arguing in the office. He says I am your boss. She says no, Jai is my boss. Jai says calm down guys. He defends Reyansh. He says you mean women’s stories will not be good. She says you will support your friend. He says, you mean I am not a professional. She says, no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. Reyansh jokes and says you said sorry. Jai says ok then you will do salon story.

Kimaya says Shweta’s beauty salon is very famous, we have also been invited, come, we will go there, it will be fun, this is a good story, you can cover. Reyansh says you are very cute, I wish every girl was like you. Aradhana says not every girl is as sweet and gentle as Jai. She taunts Reyansh. Jai says let’s get back to work now. Reyansh wishes Kimaya all the best. He asks Aradhana to leave and get back to work. Jai looks at Kimaya smiling. He says I saw, how she was looking at you.

Reyansh says she was staring at me. Jai says I think she likes you. he goes Reyansh asks why is she angry if she loves me, but she said sorry today. Viren comes. He says nice to see you working, Jai is a big investor, so he is the boss. Jai says I am a team player, Reyansh is my best friend. Viren says I want final benefit, have a nice day. He asks Aradhana to meet Komal and Kriti at the salon.

Aradhana sees Reyansh and Jai talking. She takes Reyansh aside and scolds him. She says you think everything will be fine between us, did I call you here, I know your truth, I will never forgive you, I have a new boss and new life here, I want to clean the stains. I’m trying, you won’t tell anyone about me. Reyaansh says okay, don’t you love me. She says no, I can’t. She leaves.

Vikram comes and asks what are you doing here. Reyaansh says promise me, you will not tell Jai about Aradhana and me, we will go back. Reyansh says I can’t stay away from her. Vikram asks what if she loves someone else. Reyansh says she is only mine, no one can come between us.

Aradhana looks towards the salon. She looks at Khanna sisters and says there is a lot of love between them, I miss Jagriti a lot.

Reyansh and Aradhana argue. He says I can’t step back now. Reyansh asks whose picture is this. Kimaya says its not me. He examines the picture.


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