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Episode starts with everyone talking. Sunaina asks Vikram if you can see their love triangle. He asks what, this can’t happen. She says that Aradhana will never forgive Reyansh and trust him again, she will fall in love with Jai. Vikram says no, I will talk to Jai. A conversation takes place between Reyansh and Aradhana. He starts caring. They are in a moment. Jogi banaya…plays…Vikram says you know Reyansh has come for his ex-girlfriend. Jai says yes, I saw her, she is melting his heart. Vikram says yes. Jai asks him to go and do his work. Aradhana and Reyansh are on the way. She argues with him. He asks what do you feel for me? He holds her hand. She turns away and scolds him. She says my mind and soul reject you, we are human, I can’t forget this. He holds her face. He asks can you never forgive me. His watch gets stuck in his locket. The locket opens. He looks at the picture and says whose picture is it. She says you don’t need to ask. He says when you have come to find your mother then find her, you don’t have courage to face the truth. She says why will I tell you my secrets, I am holding back from you. She goes. He thinks I can’t go back, I have moved forward.

Jai and Khurana are on the way. Jai thinks about Aradhana. Khurana says you are lost somewhere. Jai says come here and become a desi papa. Khurana says we will talk to Viren for his daughter’s alliance, Malini calls and signals your mother. Jai says give me some time to think and understand. Khurana says it means you are thinking, its good. Malini sees the memory box and apologizes to Aradhana. Reyansh comes to meet Kimaya. He says I can go anywhere to eat chicken. She says I am fine, thanks to Aradhana and my sisters. He says, glad to know, well, I am changing. Malini feels dizzy. she falls. The box falls. Reyansh and Kimaya run to see. Everyone comes and checks Malini. Malini says I am fine. Reyansh sees the photo and remembers Aradhana. Kimaya says that mother has diabetes, but she does not have a special breakfast. He remembers the picture. He thinks about Aradhana and Malini’s bond. He thinks that Malini Khanna is Aradhana’s mother.

he goes home. Vikram comes and asks what happened, did you fight with Aradhana again. Reyaansh says no, Pooja has made a birthday collage for Aradhana, find it and show me. Vikram gets the picture. He asks Reyansh to investigate. Vikram gets busy on call. Reyaansh thinks why is Aradhana hiding the truth, I have to meet her. He says I have to meet Aradhana. Vikram asks what do you want to talk to him, don’t do anything. Reyansh says right, I will meet him tomorrow.

Its morning, Reyansh thinks I have to force Aradhana to tell the truth to her mother, she has to face the truth, Malini has to accept her daughter. He goes to the bakery. He sees Malini there. He welcomes him. She says I came here to order sweets for Ganpati. He says you have diabetes. She says yes. Aaradhana comes. Reyansh says I was asking Malini about her diabetes. He calls Malini Mimi.

Aradhana is shocked. Beena looks on. Aradhana thinks it means Reyaansh has found out that Malini is my mother, no, I have to stop him. Malini asks what did you tell me. Reyansh says Mimi ji, everyone calls you Mimi, okay. She asks how do you know this name, very few people know it. Beena says your college friend came here and told us, Trupti Tiwari, Rajan used to call you Mimi. Malini says I am Malini Khanna now. Aradhana wonders if Reyansh knows about Malini.

Reyansh and Aradhana argue. Jai says I love you, Aradhana. Malini gets shocked after seeing something.

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