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Episode starts with Neelam saying I have been insulted so much because of Lakshmi, I will take revenge from her, for all my insults. Once this marriage happens, I will not leave her. Virendra and Dadi are going to Lakshmi. Neelam asks if they are going to talk to Lakshmi. Virendra says yes, Lakshmi is Rishi’s happiness. Neelam says I won’t let you both talk to Lakshmi and tells that Rishi doesn’t love her but loves Malishka, and says he just cares for her and sympathizes with her. She says that this was also told by Lakshmi.

Virendra says Lakshmi said this because of you. Neelam says anything, but I can’t you go and talk to Lakshmi, and says because of you all I can’t enjoy my son’s marriage. She asks them not to argue and go back. Rishi comes to his room and recalls Lakshmi saying that she did not want to marry Rishi, and even that he did not love her but just took care of her. He opens the drawer and finds the ring there. He thinks Lakshmi might have kept it. Shalu says Di did not let us stay with her and kept the condition that we will remain silent only then she will stay here.


Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s love confession and the moments spent with him. She recalls that Rishi had said that he would marry Malishka in front of her eyes, and recalls Neelam’s words that Rishi would never marry her, and if he had understood relationships, she would not have come here. Neelam and Sonia come down with Rishi. Sonia tells Neelam that something memorable will happen as today is Rishi’s wedding. She calls DJ. Neelam, Karishma and Sonia dance happily.

Karishma asks Rishi to dance so that everyone knows that he is very happy with his marriage with Malishka. Neelam asks Virendra and Dadi to celebrate and dance. Dadi and Virendra could not dance forcefully and could only move their hands. The sage goes and sits in the pavilion. Neelam asks Pandit ji to start the work. Malishka comes there. Sonia asks Sonal to dance with Malishka. The sage gets up and goes to Lakshmi. He makes Lakshmi wear a ring and then puts a garland of flowers around her neck. I will still love you drama… Lakshmi gets tears in her eyes and asks why? Why are you doing this? She shouts and asks how much pain will you give me again and again. Rishi says I love you…Ayush, Shalu and Bani smile.


Rishi says I want to marry you. Lakshmi says I don’t want to marry you, and says you are making me bad in everyone’s eyes, and says I told you I don’t want to marry, and says their relationship is over, she Doesn’t love him. She asks why are you doing this, please leave me. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi yells at him, asking him to shut up and listen to her. She says I will never forgive you for whatever you did just now.

Rishi says don’t say that, I really love you and want to marry you, I will die without you. He says I can’t live because I really love you, my heart, my heartbeat, my life is just you and I will die without you. Dadi says Rishi said this clearly and opened his heart. Virendra says that if he had told this then this would not have happened. Rishi says I realized this much later, but I really love you and will keep you happy. She says how do you explain that you are making me feel bad in front of everyone. Malishka comes to Lakshmi to slap her and says you are a dramatist.


Rishi held his hand to stop him. He says don’t even think about doing that. Malishka says what happened to you, you are humiliating me in front of everyone for that. She says if you’re not looking she’s ruining everything and making you dance to her tune. Rishi Malishka says. Malishka says you have stopped my hand, but cannot stop my tongue. She tells that Rishi stopped her, else she would have shown him her worth. She says that you are shameless, characterless, behaviorless etc.

Rishi shouts Malishka. Malishka yells at him to stop and not say anything. She asks Lakshmi if she has sold her self-respect somewhere and says I will give it back to you. She says Rishi has done a lot for you, and all the family members have done a lot, they have given you food, clothes and shelter. She asks what have you done, did your parents teach you this, did they give you these values. Lakshmi shouts and asks him to keep quiet. Malishka shouts at him.


Lakshmi says you keep quiet and says she could answer him for all the nonsense, but her values stopped her. She says I can tolerate that you were raising your hand on me, but if you question my parents’ upbringing and values, I will give you such an answer that you will never see with your own eyes. She says if I were like what you are saying and my values were bad then I would\And she would not have allowed Rishi to marry you and would have married him in front of you. She says if I had bad values, I would have slapped you so hard to show my values. She asks him not to point fingers at her parents, their values and upbringing again.

Karishma says she doesn’t need to point fingers again, and asks her not to threaten her, and asks Lakshmi to leave right now. She says we made a mistake by letting a girl like you stay in the house and hit our feet. Dadi shouts at Karishma and says Lakshmi came here for my wish and did not come here herself. Karishma says this is her cleverness, she makes others work for her. Lakshmi asks Dadi not to defend her today, and says if you support me then everyone will scold you too. She says you have always supported me, I don’t want anything wrong to happen. Karishma says you have already done this, today mother and brother are against us, and Ayush always talks about you. She says you are inauspicious for us and this house.


Sonia asks Karishma to hold her hand and throw her outside. She holds Lakshmi’s hand and says she will throw her out. Lakshmi screams and asks him to leave her hand. She says you also understand very well that I don’t want to stay here, else I wouldn’t have left from here. Ayush asks why do you want to go, and tells that he is the younger son and is allowed to make mistakes unlike Rishi, yet Rishi bhai is proposing you in front of everyone, and asks her to accept.

She asks him to stay at least for her and says since you came here you are my bhabhi, you are my bhabhi and I am your brother-in-law forever, and says please stay for me. . Lakshmi says that she was lucky to have him as her brother-in-law and asks him to accept Malishka as her sister-in-law and support her. She asks him not to call her Bhabhi again. Rishi says Ayush will call you Bhabhi and you will become his Bhabhi. He says he is feeling helpless, and folds his hands and says I really love you. He says I know you can feel how much I love you and I can feel it. He says I want to marry you.


Precap: Rishi tells Lakshmi that he is nothing without her. Lakshmi says Rishi please, after today you will not meet me and I will not meet you. Rishi makes him swear to stop. Lakshmi stops him. Neelam asks Rishi if he wants to marry her, and tells Lakshmi that sooner or later she will not let her image enter this house. She asks Rishi to choose. Rishi says, I choose my love, I choose Lakshmi. Neelam is surprised. Lakshmi cries.



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