Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Meet 28th September 2023 episode starts with Shlok, disguised as Adil, gives gun to Naaz and says he doesn’t want Bilawal to hurt any Indian.Nevertheless, Bilawal insists on Sumeet’s arrest after which an Indian Embassy official arrives and orders Bilawal not to misbehave with Sumeet as he is an Indian.This prevents Sumeet’s arrest after which the officer asks Sumeet to inform him about any trouble caused by Bilawal.

The officer leaves after which Sumeet tells Bilawal that he cannot do anything with him because Indians are superior to Pakistanis.However, Bilawal told Sumeet that it would not take much time for things to change after which he left.Naaz holds Shlok’s hand and walks away with him causing Sumeet and Shlok to look at each other emotionally.Later, Sumeet thanks Ganpati Bappa for allowing him to contact Shlok, but wonders how she can save Shlok.

In the distance, some women talk among themselves, praising the Indian officer’s actions, leading Sumeet to realize that she can seek help from the embassy.She finalizes her decision and then plans to tell Shlok but doesn’t understand and then comes across a vendor selling remote control helicopters.Sumeet then goes to the seller and buys the helicopter and a notebook and after a while writes to Shlok about going to the embassy.

She places the letter in the helicopter and flies the helicopter by remote controlling it, and slowly reaches Shlok.Shlok saw Sumeet’s message and wrote to him saying that he should inform him immediately when he returned from the embassy.Meanwhile, an arrogant gentleman arrives and forces Sumeet to think about his identity during the Ganpati festival.

Sajjan collides with Shlok and during the collision his passport falls which Shlok sees.Shlok learns that the gentleman is none other than Adil Zafar after which Adil asks Shlok if Bilawal lives there.Seeing that Bilawal is at the gate, Shlok misleads Adil by saying that Bilawal is at the Ganpati function.Adil is about to turn in the direction where Bilawal is, causing Shlok to immediately throw his arms around him and take him to Pooja.

Adil and Shlok reach the Ganpati function and Sumeet welcomes them after which Shlok tells him that Adil has returned.On the other hand, Bilawal had seen Shlok going out, he later follows, which was seen by Sumeet and Shlok.They quickly take Adil inside and tie him up, apologizing at the same time saying that they are helpless.After a while, Shlok goes out and sees Bilawal and says that he has lost his wallet, that is why he has come to the pandal, and thus his suspicion is cleared.

Later, Bilawal scolds a constable for not finding Shlok’s body, after which the officer shows a picture of an Indian dead body, which has been eaten by animals.This convinces Bilawal, while on the other hand, Shlok sees this and asks Naaz if she likes the color of the sweater she is knitting for him.Shlok lovingly agrees to this and smiles while on the other hand, Sumeet opens Adil’s mouth band making him able to speak, thinking that he will cooperate with him.However, Aadil screams for help and shuts Sumeet’s mouth again and concludes that he needs to talk to the Indian Embassy as soon as possible.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Bhagya Lakshmi

ANS. You can watch Bhagya Lakshmi online on ZEE5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

Q1. Bhagya Lakshmi upcoming story

ANS Neelam asking Rishi how can he choose so easily which makes Rishi emotional. Neelam says that she gave birth to her and raised her wholeheartedly but in return he gives her such things.

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