Bhagya Lakshmi: spoiler! Rishi leaves Neelam behind

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Rishi will decide to side with Lakshmi over Neelam in the next Bhagya Lakshmi upcoming story

The present plot of Bhagyalakshmi centers on the wedding of Rishi and Malishka and the public proposal that Rishi makes to Lakshmi, which Lakshmi refuses.

According to a Bhagyalaxmi television show spoiler, Rishi will tell Lakshmi not to leave the house since he loves and wants to marry her.

Neelam would attack Lakshmi because she believes that she is influencing Rishi into doing everything, which is untrue.

Neelam urges Rishi to pick one of her or Lakshmi as he tries to stop Lakshmi from leaving the house.

When Rishi chooses Lakshmi over Neelam, the latter feels distraught.

Let us see how Neelam reacts to Rishi’s decision and how she blames Lakshmi again in the upcoming Bhagya Lakshmi episodes

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