Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 29th September 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Savi tells Isha and Shantanu that Isha also went to the police station to lodge a complaint about that incident. Shantanu asks him what Ishaan told. Isha says that Ishaan is her daughter, but she will not tolerate if he does anything wrong. Savi says Ishaan is angry that she is living with them and he trolls her mercilessly.

Shantanu asks if she wants to leave college just for this. Savi says she went to the police station on Shantanu’s advice, but Ishaan thinks she was trying to impress the powerful inspector; He thinks he got admission after impressing her and she is abusing him. Shantanu gets shocked and asks if Ishaan said that. Savi says that Ishaan questioned her character and even thought that she might have instigated the goons and that she made a mistake by helping him; She cannot see anyone spoiling her character.

Isha says that society wants to see women dancing to the tunes of men and those who don’t do so, their image is tarnished; She knows that her Ishaan was not like that and he is under the influence of people with bad thoughts; It’s his fault that he let him come here, they will go back to Ramtek. Savi says that she wants to answer every question of Ishaan before leaving and for this she has to prove herself innocent. Isha tells Shantanu that she did not expect this from Ishaan. Shantanu says Ishaan will have to be taught a lesson and make him realize his mistake.

Savi calls Harini and asks where is she. Harini says she is going for gynecologist appointment. Savi asks if Kiran is not with him. Harini says she did not ask him and he also did not ask. Savi asks her to go to the gynecologist with Kiran’s parents, she will wait for Kiran at home and expose her. She explains her plan and later waits for him at Kiran’s house after fixing a hidden camera. Kiran returned home.

Savi asks what did he get by blurring his imagination, he has to leave the college in which he got admission through his hard work, why is he troubling Kiran even after that. Kiran ignores him. Savi asks him to answer or is he scared of her. Kiran openly says that he wants to destroy her because of not listening to her, now she will not get a place even in Ramtek and her mother will not let her inside the house.

Ishaan returned home. Yashwant asks if he reported the incident. Ishaan says that Savi also came there to report the incident and was trying to impress Inspector Rane. Surekha says what else can they expect from a cheap girl. Shantanu and Ishaan walk near the door. Surekha and Yashwant shout at him to show courage to bring Isha here. Shantanu holds Isha’s hand and tries to enter the house. Isha stops and says she is better outside the house and has come here to confront Ishaan for his cheap mistake of being under the influence of wrong people.

Ishaan asks who is she to comment on his family. Shatanu says he has the right to correct him. Both of them curse Ishaan for his cheap behavior due to which Savi has to leave the college. Isha says that Savi always struggled in life and reached here, but today she accepted defeat because of Savi. Ishaan says they were talking to the mean girl Paksha who was trying to impress Inspector Rane and exchanging numbers. Isha warns him to keep quiet. Shantanu says that he sent Savi to Rane to report the incident.

Surekha warns Isha to stop questioning her son because of a characterless girl. Isha asks what kind of woman is she who can’t respect another woman and what kind of upbringing she gave to Ishaan. They both keep scolding Ishaan and try to make him realize his mistake, but in vain.

Precap: Savi tells Kiran that the proof of her confession is recorded in her mobile. She shows the video of the confession to the college committee. Ishaan feels guilty and tells Pratik that he is feeling guilty and wants to apologize to Savi.



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