Imlie 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 23rd September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Drunk Amrit harasses Imlie while singing in the bar. The manager ordered the bouncers to take him away. Amrit asks them to relax as he came to meet Imlie, she knows her well. Atharv follows Amrit’s live location and reaches the bar to show him Noyonika’s pictures. Imlie signals the manager to let Amrit go. Amrit walks on stage and says he has already imagined a lot with Imlie, so he shouldn’t be embarrassed. He dances on the stage while Imlie sings the song Mera Naam Chunchun Chu.. Everyone laughs at Amrit. Amrit gets angry and yells at him to stop laughing. Imlie says that women are not toys for him that he can use them anytime. The manager signals for Amrit to be taken away.

Agastya sees Noyonika’s photo flying and chases it. He runs after her and reaches the bar. He remembers that this is the same bar from where Sonia’s assistant brought him here. He gets shocked to see Noyonika/Imlie. Imlie disappears. Agastya asks the bartender if the singer was Noyonika. The bartender says that Imlie is the best singer of Purvaiya.
Atharv goes to the singer and finds someone else. The girl says she doesn’t have his permission and asks him to leave. Imlie hides under the table and recalls seeing Agastya. Agastya says he got confused thinking her to be some other girl and leaves.

Agastya bumps into Amrit and asks what he is doing outside the bar. Amrit lies that he came to help a teenage girl in a bar and asks why he is here. Agastya shows him Noyonika’s photo. Amrit sees this and tells Agastya that the girl is very beautiful and he should say yes. Agastya asks if he is drunk. Amrit says someone spilled liquor on him in the bar. Agastya asks that he has already met Noyonika, but there is no compatibility between them; How will he marry a person he doesn’t know? Amrit says he doesn’t love marriage. Agastya asks if he loves Sonia or not. Amrit gets nervous and says that he really loves Sonia. Agastya takes her in the car and says they don’t seem compatible. Amrit says they both are very compatible.

Pallo asks Bulbul how she got so much money. Bulbul says she talked to a man named Imlie and took money from him. Pallo doesn’t believe him. Bulbul messages Amrit. Amrit gets more nervous after seeing Agastya and does not answer him. Just then Bulbul calls him. Amrit lies that he needs to pee and goes aside. He picks up Bulbul’s call and says she insulted him at one time and is acting now. Bulbul says she asked him not to come to the bar. He demands a kiss. She kisses him. He transfers the money. Pallo and Bulbul dance happily. Agastya leaves Amrit outside the house and says he has some important work. Amrit taunts that he is going to meet Noyonika.

Imlie feels guilty for lying to Agastya and thinks that she did it for Ashu’s treatment. Uncle calls him and says that Ashu’s condition has worsened and hence he brings Ashu to the hospital. Imlie runs to the hospital. Agastya reaches the hospital to help the poor and tells Jags not to tell anyone that he is in the hospital. He hears Imlie pleading the doctor to somehow save Ashu and thinks he has heard this voice somewhere.

Precap: Imlie asks doctor if Ashu had medicine.
The doctor says he ran away with the medicine bottle. Ashu threw the bottle. Agastya catches him and talks to him. Ashu runs back to Imlie. Agastya is shocked to see Noyonika with Ashu.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS.Imlie feeling uneasy and disgusted as Amrit comes on stage.The dancers also become uncomfortable but Amrit does not desist from his actions and during this time he looks at the dancers lustfully.


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