Imlie 26th September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Agastya washes Imlie’s hands and thinks that Ms. Johri’s eyes remind him of someone. He goes into a flashback where in his childhood he meets a girl in a temple who sells halwa prasad for her living, he likes her halwa and buys all the halwa packets. Imlie thinks it seems like she knows him already, he is a bulb and she is a lamp and there is no comparison between them.

Agastya becomes alert and asks Imlie to continue her work while he sits outside. Imlie thinks that soon Agastya will know the truth and will fire her from the chef job.Noyonika searches for Agastya’s shop to meet him and tells Dadi on phone that she cannot find the shop. Dadi asks her to wait there as she will ask Agastya to pick her up.

Agastya looks at Imlie and thinks Ms. Johari is beautiful, religious and respectful of elders. Noyonika bumps into a woman carrying flowers, helps her and touches her feet. At home, Bulbul searches Imlie’s clothes trunk and finds Ashu’s medicine slip. She tells Pallo that she will get 3 lakhs from this share. Imlie returns home and asks what she is doing with her trunk. Bulbul says she was searching for her mother’s saree and won’t put her stuff back in the trunk. Imlie gets angry at him. Pallo intervenes and asks Imlie to go and serve food to Ashu.


Bulbul sent the picture of the prescription to Amrit and requested him to send Rs 3 lakh for her nephew’s treatment. Pallo says 5000 rupees is fine, rich man will not give her 3 lakhs. Bulbul asks her to just wait and see. Amrit reads the message. He gets nervous when he sees Sonia looking at him and lies to her that he is arranging accommodation for the new girls of his NGO. Sonia says that she feels guilty that she cannot spend time with him and says that they have been married for many years, so she is thinking of having a child.

Amrit says that considering the situation at home, he does not want to have a child right now. She becomes confident. He messages Bulbul that he will pay her Rs 3 lakh for her personal performance. Bulbul agrees and tells Pallo that Imlie will perform and they will get the money.Pallo serves food to Imlie and tells her that she is worried for Ashu and hence she has arranged for Imlie’s private performance for a rich man who will pay her Rs 2 lakh.

Imlie asks why doesn’t she send Bulbul instead. Pallo gets angry and asks her to decide whether she wants to save Ashu or not. Imlie agrees to perform for Ashu’s sake. Agastya saw Amrit leaving the house at night and followed him. Amrit stops at a temple and prays for Agastya’s better life. Agastya feels guilty for doubting Amrit. Imlie gets ready for her performance. Amrit remembers seeing Agastya chasing him and how he fooled him. He reaches home to see Imlie’s performance. Imlie gets angry seeing him and walks towards the door. Amrit stops him and asks him to perform first.

Precsap: Agastya tells Imlie that once her truth is revealed that she is a singer, he will make her life hell. Imlie says she is not afraid of any test, he can do whatever he wants.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Imlie waking up and realizing that she has to go to Bunty, her business partner quickly gets ready.

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