Imlie 29th September 2023 Written Episode

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Agastya tells Imlie that he has got a big catering order tonight and asks her if she can prepare a menu for it. Imlie says she will and asks if she will get bonus. Agastya says that they should show their talent first and then think about asking for bonus. At the Chaudhary house, Manno excitedly selects clothes for Agastya’s engagement. Govind taunts Manno that this is Agastya’s engagement. Manno complains to Dadi who says Govind is right, people will look at Gattu/Agastya and Noyonika, not her. Jugz runs behind Agastya to choose a sherwani for his engagement. Agastya says he is not interested. Dadi asks her to smile. Agastya says he will think about exposing poor Imlie after the engagement tonight.

Dadi asks where is Sonali. Sonali’s mother says that her daughter is working hard for the business, but the business has been given to illegitimate Agastya. Sonali comes in and says she doesn’t shy away from working hard and can also set up a new business and run it successfully. She shows the necklace to Agastya and asks him to choose a necklace for Noyonika as she doesn’t want to insult her step SIL by gifting 2 necklaces to her. Dialogues begin to be exchanged between Agastya and Sonali. Dadi asks Agastya to choose a necklace soon. Sonali says this defeat is a step towards controlling Noyonika. Their dialogue continues.

Imlie tastes the food and scolds her subordinates for adding too much salt and less sugar to the dishes. She prepares a feast and thinks that she is working hard selflessly to impress the boss and get a bonus from him for Ashu’s treatment. Amrit listens to the singers and imagines Imlie. His assistant asks if he has selected the girl. Amrit says that her voice impressed him. The girl becomes happy thinking that he has chosen her. Amrit is disgusted by Kalpana and rejects the girl. The assistant says he rejected all the girls, some even willing to woo him. Amrit says he is looking for someone else. He sends a message to Bulbul/Imli. Bulbul tells Pallo that a trap is sending the message again. Bulbul asks him to answer. Amrit becomes happy seeing her reply.

Imlie returns home and asks who she is messaging. Bulbul and Pallo get scared. Ashu sees a saree in her bag and questions her. Imlie hides the chef’s saree and gives a strange excuse. She asks Bulbul again who she was messaging. Bulbul and Pallo get scared and leave from there. Imlie gives a toffee to Ashu and assures him that it is the best toffee in the world. She says she has to go to work early today. Bulbul and Pallo hear this and wonder why she wants to go to the bar early. Bulbul calls her bartender friend and learns that Imlie is on leave today. Pallo gets scared thinking that if Imlie leaves her house then who will take care of her expenses.

Imlie reaches Johari’s house with food and recalls reaching there earlier with Agastya. She enters the house and is mesmerized by its grandeur. The event organizer asked the staff to remove the engagement board and bring it during the ring exchange ceremony. Imlie wonders if Noyonika has an engagement today.

Precap: Agastya asks bar singer Imlie to sing a song at his engagement party. Imlie sings a song while walking. Agastya says a liar like him who takes advantage of the opportunity with his lies is unfit to be his chef.

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Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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