Imlie 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Agastya tells Imlie that she lied and became a chef, hence she is ineligible to become his chef and he hopes she remembers her lesson. Imlie says she didn’t forget anything but he forgot and says it is an insult for an artiste if the audience leaves midway. Agastya recalls the singer once speaking the same dialogue and asks if she is the same girl. Imlie says yes and says she did not understand art then and now.

Dadi warns Alka not to dare call her son a stranger and not to forget that they are at their Samadhi’s house. Alka says that she has not forgotten her husband’s obsession with Singer once and now she can see Agastya inviting Singer once for his engagement ceremony. Mr. Johari comes in and says Imlie is just a singer and he has invited her. Imlie says she won’t let him insult her and her art today and threatens her to reward him with proper respect otherwise he will see what she can do. Agastya gives him money. Imlie asks if he won’t count it. Agastya says he gives charity, not betrayal and goes from there.

Alka asks Mr. Johri how he can invite bar dancers and singers to his children’s engagement party. Mr. Johari apologized to him. Agastya intervenes and says it is fine as the jeweler invited the singer to entertain the guests. Alka says she has not invited a bar dancer but a musician for entertainment and cancels the engagement. The jeweler requests her not to cancel the engagement.

Agastya assures him that his grandmother has fixed this alliance and he will definitely perform the engagement ceremony. Sonali convinces Alka for engagement. Amrit wonders who was that singer. Agastya hears this and asks why he wants to know. Amrit says that they should throw that singer out of the venue because she has created a problem. Noyonika held Agastya’s hand. Agastya gets angry thinking it is Imlie, but calms down after seeing Noyonika. He walks ahead and sees Imlie packing Mike. He gets angry remembering their fight.

Mrs. Johri tells Mr. Johri that she does not want to see Imlie at the venue until she goes to the room and brings the engagement rings. Imlie thinks she will complete her work regardless of Agastya’s bitter words and takes care of the food. She passes by Mrs. Johari’s room and sees Pallo and Bulbul stealing the engagement rings. She confronts him and they run away.

Mrs. Johri notices them and alleges that Imlie was trying to steal the engagement rings of the two women who just ran away. Imlie says she was saving the rings from thieves. Agastya says the truth is that she is a liar and a thief. Imlie says she lied just once and justifies herself and leaves from there apologizing to Mr. and Mrs. Johri for the inconvenience. Pallo and Bulbul run far away from home and are happy that Imlie has been accused of her sin.

Agastya sits for the engagement with Noyonika. Dadi tries to calm Alka down and asks Agastya to exchange the ring with Noyonika. Agastya says he wants to talk to Noyonika first and takes her aside. Noyonika says he can cancel the engagement if she doesn’t like him. Agastya says he has not done any mistake and recalls Imlie’s drama. Noyonika asks if he wants to continue the engagement. He refused.

Precap: Manager tells Imlie that Agastya has not finalized the menu for the investor meeting. Imlie cooks food and serves it to the investors. Agastya stops the investors from taking it up and removes Imlie from the chef’s job.


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Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story


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