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Today’s Imlie 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Noyonika asks Agastya if he really wants to marry her. Agastya says no. Noyonika asks if he brought her out to reject her. Agastya says that his decisions were always wrong and he never wanted to get married in life, but his grandmother chose Noyonika and she wants him to marry her and most of the time others’ decisions work for him and so He will marry her.

Noyonika asks if he is marrying her under family pressure. The family is eagerly waiting for his return. Sonali hopes that Agastya will agree to the marriage. Agastya tells Noyonika that he is getting married under family pressure but thinks that their decision will work for him. Noyonika says at least he can take his own decisions, she can’t even do that. They both return and agree to the engagement. The family offers them rings.

Noyonika says she heard in a serial that the left ring finger has a love nerve and the ring triggers it. Agastya says that he does not believe in this because when trust is broken, the relationship breaks, whether it is between the spouse or the employee and the employer. They exchange rings. Sonali congratulates Alka and says now Agastya is under her control, she will make him dance to her tunes.

Imlie finishes work on Bunty’s food cart and tries to leave. Bunty asks where she is going. Imlie asks for work. Bunty recalls the fight he had with his boss yesterday and how his boss had insulted him. Imlie says she is not bothered by Akhrot/Agastya’s taunts and can do anything for Ashu.

Bunty tries to stop her, but she continues her heavy dialogues and leaves for work. Imlie reaches Chaudhary Sweets. The manager informs him that the investors are back and want to taste the menu, Agastya is not here to finalize the menu. Imlie asks her not to worry as she will prepare the best dishes she can. She prepares the dishes and serves them to the investors.

Agastya reaches the shop and asks Ramesh if the investors have come, says he could not sleep properly last night due to some issues. He goes to the shop and sees Imlie serving food to the investors. He asks the investors not to eat this food as he fired Imlie from her job as a chef. The investors ask Agastya why he wants to fire a talented chef. Imlie says because she sings in one go. Agastya says this is his problem.

Imlie says it is her bad luck that she is born poor and Agastya is born rich, what is her fault if she sings in the bar and lies to him to get the job. Agastya says it is her mistake and she doesn’t want to accept it. She continues to speak her heavy emotional dialogue and walks away calling him a brainless nut shell.

Agastya remembers his mother singing in a bar and people misbehaving with her. Out of flashback, he tells the investors that he will find a new chef soon because he can’t let a cheap bar singer ruin the reputation of his family business. The investor says they will do the deal only if he hires Imlie back. Agastya says that he is not interested in this deal. The investor says that bar singers are also human beings and walks away.

Precap: Imlie sings Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho… song.
Amrit makes rukus and tries to touch Imlie. Imlie slaps him. Agastya reaches there.


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ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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