Katha Ankahee 22nd September 2023 Written Update

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The ceremony begins with Mr. Garewal handing over the family sword to Viaan as well as Katha’s care. Mr. Grewal goes down on his knees to present it, Viaan stops him. He thinks that Mr. Garewal should hand it over to Katha as he is the one who saves her from most of the things. Yuvraj requests Viaan to take care of his sister, she can seem strong and emotional at the same time.

Mr. Grewal, being his father-in-law, gave a gift to Viaan, it was a gun with fake butts that made the same sound as the real one. Mr. Grewal fired three bullets. Now it was the Crown Prince’s turn, and as per tradition Viaan has to sit on his shoulders while carrying him. Mr. Grewal says that he will now go to the temple and pray there till the start of the procession. Mr. Grewal leaves after saying goodbye, Yuvraj also leaves. Aarav was worried about Viaan falling.

Teeji questions Meera to wait, now is the right time to show that video to Mr. Garewal and end this marriage. Meera has a strategy, they want to blame Katha but don’t want to drag Viaan into it. Meera assures that there will be a bomb blast as per her plan and for this they have to keep themselves safe first.

Yuvraj asks Kaha to come for the surprise. Katha questions where Mr. Garewal is, Yuvraj tells that he is going to the temple to pray for Katha and Viaan’s happy life. Yuvraj reminds everyone about Mr. Garewal’s promise, which he has fulfilled by transferring his and Aditya’s share in the property to Aarav. Reet was in complete pain, her brother standing nearby agreed with Garewal’s passion for Katha. Katha refuses to take it, having already told that Aarav does not need it.

Kavita will not listen to Katha in this matter, it was Mr. Grewal’s wish. Katha wonders why she also gave her share to Aarav. Kavita assures that Mr. Garewal has planned everything. Yuvraj considers it a final decision, the family’s support should remain with Katha. Katha considers this family as her support, she wants nothing more than this.

Viaan shows Aarav his new bedroom. Viaan wants to know Aarav’s comment, he starts crying and doesn’t know why. Vanya came to bring them down; She questions Viaan to make Aarav cry. Viaan questions, Aarav gets emotional seeing his room. Vanya asks if he will share the room with her, they will have so much fun together. Aarav warns her about her habit of waking up early because Katha thinks that people who wake up early have their dreams fulfilled.

Teeji starts the ritual by applying ubtan on Viaan, she cries as her son is getting married, he will be taken away from her. Viaan refuses, saying that even though he is becoming a part of Viaan and Katha’s life, he will never be separated from his mother. Maya chases Teeji, Farha moves ahead after Maya’s permission. Viaan asks Farha about Ehsaan’s absence. Ehsaan enters the room and douses Viaan’s face with booze, Viaan follows him. Brothers and sisters praise each other. Vanaya wakes up and accidentally stains Ehsaan’s shirt. Farah and TEE look at them intensely.

Vanya and Aarav were leaving, Meera sends Vanya to get the plate while she stops Aarav to ask if he hides secrets from his parents. Aarav did this once but it caused trouble, Katha thinks no secret means ordinary life. Meera says he probably doesn’t keep secrets, but his parents hide secrets from him.

Katha arrives for her Ubtan Utsav. Aarav tells Katha not to keep any secrets from him, he recalls that Maya told him that her parents have hidden secrets from her. Katha assures that Aarav will be informed about everything except surprises. Kavit makes Meera sit to start the celebration. Reet’s brother was angry with Aarav getting all the property, Reet calms him down, she is trying her best. Everyone dances together in the Garewal mansion. Reet serves drinks to Meera, warning her not to ask for help from him after the marriage. Meera takes a few steps and bids farewell to Reet. Meera wonders if she should break Kavita’s heart.

Viaan smiles seeing Katha’s photo, Teeji notices it and leaves.

Meera comes to Kavita and says it would be peaceful for a mother to know that her daughter and son-in-law share a strong foundation, a happy beginning leading to a strong future. After changing the dress Katha returns for more rituals, Kavitha excuses herself. Reet’s brother mixes alcohol in her drink, taunting the bride for not having an uncle to perform the ritual. Yuvraj stepped forward to follow the tradition like Reet’s brother. Reet’s brother asks the difference between a real relative and a so-called sister.

Precap: Baraat ceremony starts for Katha and Viaan. Meera wants Reet to do something, everything depends on her. Katha and Viaan have their affair while Reet tells Yuvraj about Viaan’s offer of Rs 1 crore to spend a night with Katha. Reet thinks Viaan might be blackmailing Katha.


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