Katha Ankahee 26th September 2023 Written Update

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Viaan calls Katha before leaving the house, thinks of bribing the Pandit for the pheras, also taking 14 of them for the next life. Viaan requests Katha to send him a selfie, he is eager to see her. Katha refuses, she wants him to come home for this. She reminds him that he has to wake up every morning for yoga, manages his many mood swings, warns him about the two storms coming in his life. Viaan will handle everything with love and grace. Aarav wants Viaan to come running home on his horse. Viaan assured that he would stop for nothing. Viaan returns to dance with Ehsaan.

On the question of dragging Katha’s character, Yuvraj shouts at Reet, he has crossed the limits today. Reet insists on not lying about this, Viaan offers Katha 1 crore to spend a night with him. Yuvraj threatens Reet about their relationship saying it is a false allegation. Yuvraj knows that Reet and her brother are not happy that Mr. Garewal has transferred his property to Aarav, Reet promises to give it to her son. She shows Yuvraj the evidence that Meera gave her, it clearly shows Katha entering the room and leaving with a bag. Reet accuses Viaan of misusing Katha’s grief for her own needs. Reet may hate Katha but being a mother and a woman who understands everything, she can understand Katha. Yuvraj wonders why Katha and Viaan look happy together. Reet thinks that Viaan might be molesting her, she knows that if this news comes out then even Garewal will not support Katha.

Aarav gets excited hearing the drum beats, Viaan tells that Aarav will be his best man. Katha sends Aarav out after fixing his dress. Katha prays, Yuvraj is standing at the door. He cries remembering how everything went wrong.

The wedding procession arrives, Meera signals Reet to come aside. Meera questions Reet about her plan as Yuvraj has not responded yet. Reet tells that she is in shock, it will take some time to convert that shock into anger. Mir wants certainty about an event. Reet assures that this marriage will end. Kavita asks Reet about Yuvraj, he has to be at the reception.

Aarav tells the story about the handsome groom.

Yuvraj cries holding Aditya’s photo. He apologized for failing him by not being able to help Katha. Kavathiya calls Yuvraj and asks him to complete his responsibilities before getting emotional for Katha. She asks him to come down. Reet cannot see Yuvraj getting embarrassed in front of Aditya, she would want Yuvraj to take care of the family and protect Katha. Reet asks him to complete all that. Yuvraj takes the necklace he had made for Viaan, throws it on the floor while apologizing to Aditya. Reet knows that his heart is broken, but he will fix everything. Reet reminds her to do her responsibilities before getting emotional, to save Katha from marrying that demon. Yuvraj wipes his tears and goes out.

Kavita welcomes Viaan. He hugs Yuvraj who did not hug him back. Viaan wants to know if everything is fine. Ehsaan welcomed Yuvraj. They welcome each other. Kavita leads everyone towards Mundeep.

Kavita asks Yuvraj to get ready for Katha’s entry, she doesn’t have time to rest. Aarav wants to know why the bride’s entry is done under a bed of flowers. The poem tells that a brother assures his sister that her groom will take care of her in the same way as he has taken care of her like a flower. Kavita takes Aarav.

Ehsaan asks Viaan to be patient. Vanya taunts Ehsaan about his failed plans for the destination, not to mention the magical entry of the bride. Ehsaan assured that the bride’s entry would be magical.

Viaan was mesmerized seeing Katha enter the room. Everyone comes dancing and singing happily with the story. Mr. Garewal enters, giving Reet Prasad to distribute among the guests. He praises Katha, offers her hand to Viaan. He leads them towards Mundip. Yuvraj wanted to stop them.

At Mundip, Ehsaan stops Pandit to celebrate Katha and Viaan’s love story. Their togetherness seemed impossible, they have fought for each other. If Ehsaan had it in his power, he would have brought them together earlier. Ehsaan loves his brother, can do anything for him. Ehsaan drinks what is actually juice. The love story ended today, a new one begins today which will be told to everyone including Aarav’s children. Mr. Grewal wants Yuvraj to also make a toast but he makes some excuse and leaves.

Precap: Reet forces Yuvraj to save Katha from this toxic relationship. Yuvraj stopped Feras.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Katha Ankahee

ANS. You can watch Katha Ankahee online on sonyliv or it will telecast on sonytv

Q1.Katha Ankahee upcoming story

ANS.Ehsaan asking Viaan if he is ready to ride the horse now.When Maya and Tejji enter the hall, Viaan enthusiastically replies in the affirmative and Viaan takes blessings from both of them while Ehsaan looks at Maya suspiciously.


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