Katha Ankahee 27th September 2023 Written Update

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Aarav also wants to speak, he thanks his parents for inviting him to his wedding as none of his friends were invited to his parents’ wedding. Aarav used to be the man of the house but Viaan takes this responsibility from now on. Aarav will be the second man in the house.


If Yuvraj does not do so, Teeji threatens to stop the marriage.Viaan asks Katha to fix her necklace, while doing so he tells Katha to consider this as an opportunity and run away. Pandit asks for garland. Ehsaan chooses Viaan, Aarav calls it cheating. Viaan doesn’t want any delay, he really wants to get married. Viaan wears the garland, avoids the narrative, Viaan asks questions, everyone laughs. Katha finally wore the garland.


Teeji threatens to set Mundeep on fire.Meera calls Reet aside, asking her to provoke Yuvraj, remind him about Aditya, instigate him to stop this marriage. Reet leaves.For tradition, the Pandit calls the groom’s sister. While performing the ritual Vanya prays for her happy future. Pandit continues. Vanya sees Ehsaan leaving Mundip. She calls him on stage, wondering what’s going on with him, he’s nice but inconsistent at times. Vanya was going, but Ehsan stopped her. Ehsaan finds Vanya cute when angry, he tells her to punch people who flirt with her, he doesn’t want Vanya to doubt herself, she is full of talent.


The Pandit calls the bride’s parents forward, tells them about this ritual, asking everyone’s name respectively. Pandit wants Mr. Grewal to give his daughter’s hand to Viaan, Yuvraj loses his patience.Ehsaan confesses his feelings to Vanya, always wanting to talk to her but being Vyaan’s best friend, who is Vanya’s brother, he cannot do so. Ehsaan wants to shout out that he is no longer afraid of commitments but cannot take risks with Vanya. She is different for him, wants to be with him, Ehsaan says I love you to her.


Mr. Garewal hands over Katha to Viaan. Reet takes Yuvraj aside. Reet knows that she is in shock, Katha and Aarav may look happy but being a woman she can tell that whatever is happening is wrong. This marriage must be stopped, Viaan exploits Katha and then pressures her for this marriage. Reet requests Yuvraj to stop this marriage.


Viaan and Katha quarrel. If this marriage happens then Teeji will commit suicide.If someone took advantage of her sister, Reet would not stop. If Yuvraj allows this to happen, Reet will not forgive him. He excited  Yuvraj  by reminding him of God.Viaan helps Katha fix her dress, later they change positions as per tradition. Meera sees Yuvraj getting angry, she asks Teeji to fight for Viaan


Yuvraj untied the knot and then punched Viaan, causing a stampede. Viaan politely asks Yuvraj to tell him what happened. Yuvraj hit him again. Viaan stands up for himself, Yuvraj tells Viaan that he knows about his exploiting the narrative. Viaan was surprised, everything came back to him so he didn’t put up any fight.


Vanya wakes up Ehsaan, taking him outside to handle the mess.Yuvraj hits Viaan aggressively, hitting Viaan’s head on the back of the stage, he bleeds and becomes unconscious. Katha panics, wants to be taken to the hospital. Ehsaan takes her out. Teeji forbids the Garewals from following her. She will punish Yuvraj for this crime.

Precap: Viaan is in the hospital. Katha fainted. Mr. Grewal slaps Yuvraj for not telling why he attacked Viaan. Meera apologizes to Teeji for not knowing the result. Teji will not forgive Meera.



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