Katha Ankahee 28th September 2023 Written Update

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Mr. Grewal questions Yuvraj for attacking Viaan, he slaps Yuvraj. Kavita asks what if something terrible happens to Viaan. Viaan is dead to Yuvraj, he leaves, Kavita cries as all the other guests also leave.Ehsaan and Katha take Viaan to the hospital. Katha informs the doctor that he has lost a lot of blood, emergency is called, Viaan is taken to the operation room. Katha prayed for Viaan’s health. Bursa comes out demanding B-blood, Vanya comes willingly because she is B-blood. The nurse takes Vanya away, the specialist enters the operating room to examine Vanya. Katha prays for his recovery. Teeji’s breathing becomes labored.

Meera consoles Teeji. Teeji doesn’t want to hear a single word from Meera, she obeys her sister without thinking about the consequences. If Meera had known about the consequences she would never have done this. Teeji blames herself, she became selfish forgetting that she is a mother first. Teeji cries.Mr. Grewal wonders why Yuvraj reacted this way. Kavita explored Yuvraj’s behaviour, he did not welcome the favor well but she felt he was just sentimental. Mr. Garewal is surprised, he questions Reet who denies knowing anything.

Mr. Grewal gets a call from Katha who tells him that Viaan’s condition is critical and he may undergo surgery. Katha is once again at the door of the hospital, all the worries, pain and trauma come back. She will question Yuvraj what he did, Viaan is Aarav’s father, he is Katha’s world. Katha promises to bring Viaan back, he hangs up. Mr. Grewal leaves the room.

Katha comes to Ehsaan and wonders why Yuvraj attacked Viaan, what made him so angry that he didn’t wait till marriage and why Viaan didn’t retaliate. When Yuvraj talks to him, Ehsaan realizes that Viaan is losing himself. The doctor comes out, unable to explain anything in the middle of the procedure. Katha assures that nothing will happen. Ehsaan left angrily.Mr. Grewal comes to Yuvraj and questions why he did what he did. Yuvraj can’t tell. Mr. Grewal slaps Yuvraj.

Meera brings water for Teeji, who refuses to drink it. Ehsaan questions Meera as to why Yuvraj brutally attacked Viaan. Ehsaan’s brother is on his death bed so Meera’s game is over. Meera doesn’t know what Ehsaan is talking about. Meera used to be Ehsaan’s favorite because she was smart, he knew that she did not want Viaan and Katha to get married so he used her as a pawn by telling the truth to Yuvraj. Meera wants Ehsaan to lower his voice, this is a hospital. If anything happens to Viaan, Meera will not stop. Ehsaan also says the same, he will not be able to control himself.

Mr. Grewal tells that Katha has already lost Aditya and now Viaan. Yuvraj did not think about the consequences, his entire generation will be blamed for this. If anything happens to Viaan they will lose Katha, Yuvraj will lose his family. Yuvraj cannot explain the reason for this under any circumstances. Mr. Garewal is crying and unable to understand what to do. Aarav comes asking about his father, questions Yuvraj for hurting his father. Kavita hugs Aarav, he wants to go to his parents.

Katha asks Ehsaan to arrange for more B-blood. Ehsaan assures that Viaan will be fine, he takes the nurse aside to talk.Katha consoles Teeji, assuring her that Viaan will be fine, he knows his mother is waiting for him. Katha hugged Teeji.Doctors became worried due to fluctuations in Viaan’s health. Teeji prays for her son. The doctors rush in when Viaan is out of breath, they send a nurse to bring the injection. The nurse requests Katha and Ehsaan to stay away. Katha thinks that Viaan needs her, she enters the operation theatre.

Katha enters the operation theatre, Viaan was not breathing. Katha faints seeing him like this. Both of them are lying unconscious in the same room. Aarav cries why his parents left him.

Precap: Katha comes in to tell that Viaan is out of danger. Meera filed a complaint against Yuvraj. Police comes to arrest Yuvraj. Katha meets Yuvraj at the police station, Yuvraj knows what Viaan did to him. Meera stops Katha from meeting Viaan. Katha learns that Meera had told Yuvraj.

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