Katha Ankahee 29th September 2023 Written Update

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As the doctor helps Katha regain consciousness, she becomes worried about Viaan while the staff requests her to leave the room. Katha pleads with Viaan not to give up, luck might not be on their side but he needs to fight, think about him and his Batman, if he gives up everything will fall apart. Viaan finally starts breathing. Katha pleads with the doctors to cure Viaan. Katha walks out of the room, everyone asks her about Viaan, Katha tells that Viaan is out of danger. Ehsaan was really very scared. The doctors are waiting for him to regain consciousness, Vanya thanks God. Teeji hugs Katha asking why she cries. Maya wipes her tears to file the complaint.

Mr. Garewal is going to the hospital, he has to see Viaan. Kavita tells him not to feel bad about whatever Teeji says but come back after seeing Viaan. Kavita will talk to Yuvraj and try to understand why he took such a big step. Reet asks Mr. Grewal to wait till she talks to the lawyers. The police enter the Garewal mansion with an arrest warrant against Yuvraj. Yuvraj himself came out, Aarav got scared. Yuvraj requested the police to arrest him outside and leave the house. Reet screams for help, call the lawyer. Aarav runs back to his room crying to meet his mother, Kavita comes to console him. Aarav questions why Yuvraj attacked his father, he was excited to share a room with Viaan, wear matching clothes but now nothing will be the same. Kavita assures that she will fix everything. Aarav wants to see his father, he requests Mr. Garewal. Aarav gets Katha’s call, he asks her about Viaan. Katha assures that Viaan is fine. Mr. Grewal asks Katha about Viaan, she tells him that he is out of danger. The poem apologizes to the narrator for everything. Katha wants to know why Yuvraj took this step. Mr Grewal said Yuvraj refused to speak, adding that the police had arrested him. Mr. Grewal wants to go to meet Viaan but Katha refuses. Katha takes off her jewellery, asks Vanya and Ehsaan to take care of Viaan while she works. The story ends.

Maya and Teeji sit near Viaan. Maya wants to speak, Teeji refuses to listen to her. Teeji knows that Maya did everything for her but not at this cost, she has already lost her husband, now Teeji wants to be with her son. Maya goes away.

The police told Yuvraj that he could be sentenced for attempt to murder. Katha comes to talk, police officer tells that she is family and has come with a lawyer. Katha questions Yuvraj to take him back to Aditya’s time, Viaan’s heart also stops. Katha demands him to tell the reason. Yuvraj is unable to tell her. Katha questions, she considered Yuvraj as her brother and she herself accepted Viaan for him. Why would Yuvraj attack a good person like Viaan? The Crown Prince refused to accept him as a good man. He knows everything, he knows how Viaan abused Katha. Aarav was in treatment when Viaan used Katha for money. Yuvraj blames himself and Mr. Garewal for pushing Katha to go to Viaan. Yuvraj cannot imagine how much mental torture Katha might have had to endure. Viaan is only tampering with the narrative, he doesn’t love her. Yuvraj is ashamed of himself, he is also answerable to Aditya. Katha tells that he does not know the whole truth, she requests him to tell who informed her about this. Yuvraj cannot take the name but he was someone close.

Vanya attends a call, she gets nervous. Ehsaan questions, Vanya tells that HR called saying that she had a private meeting with the vendors of Rajasthan project and now they are being reported in the media. Ehsaan questions why and how. Vanya is being called to the HR office. The favor will remain with him. Vanya wants him to stay behind for Vian. Ehsaan refuses, they will come soon, Teeji is here with Viaan anyway. Ehsaan and Vanya leave. Maya was on the call, asking her person to keep Vanya and Ehsaan busy with the project and distract them.

Maya comes to Teeji to apologize for everything. She wants Teeji to go home and rest.. Teeji can’t leave Viaan, but she will rest in the waiting room.

Maya is waiting in the corridor. Katha runs to meet Viaan, Maya stops her from meeting Viaan now, they need to part their ways from now on. Katha learns that Maya had told Yuvraj about her and Viaan.

Precap: Maya wants Katha to leave Viaan for the sake of her family. Katha refuses to leave Viaan under any circumstances. Aarav visits Viaan in the hospital. Katha assures Aarav of his father’s recovery, she takes him out to pray for him.

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