Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2023 episode starts with the police getting busy in the investigation while Rana runs away in his car and doesn’t realize that Ranbir is in the trunk.Meanwhile, Vedika questions Akshay about a call, while he gets defensive and lies that he was talking to an office employee.She turns and talks to the family and tells them that since she has come there for the sole purpose of happiness, she will keep suspecting everyone as she is sure that the kidnapping was done by someone from the family.

Ashok nods saying that they need to find Khushi, on the other hand, Ranbir follows Rana and sees him entering the factory where Khushi is kept.Going inside, Rana sits near Khushi and calls Prachi’s number for ransom while Vedika asks Prachi to call her on speaker.Prachi asks him to listen to Khushi’s voice and the man is about to ask for money when his eyes fall on Ranbir and he runs away and disconnects the call.

Vedika scolds Prachi saying that they will not be able to trace the call as her team is not there yet while Prachi keeps trying to call the same number.While running away, the goon drops his phone in the factory, just then Ranbir finds the phone and picks Prachi’s call and says that he is there now and will bring their daughter back.He disconnects the call and runs to find the goons who shoot at him and manages to escape through another door which they lock from outside.

At home, Akshay gets upset saying that Ranbir managed to escape from the police station and calls the inspector and starts scolding him.Prachi asks Vedika what they can do to trace Ranbir if Prachi is with her and Vedika tells her to calm down.She snatches the call from Akshay and asks the inspector to keep giving her updates as she talks to her team who has just arrived there.Akshay comes to his room and calls Rana while Rana’s car breaks down.

However, Ranbir’s jail friend, Surya, notices them and calls Ranbir informing him about the location.Akshay tells Rana that the police is after him while Rana asks him to handle Ranbir and warns that if he gets into trouble, Akshay will also get into trouble.Later, Prachi calls Ranbir and tries to continue talking to him while Vedika’s team tries to trace the call.However, Mihika disconnects the call telling Prachi that she has faith in Ranbir and he will bring Khushi back.

Akshay comes there and slaps Mihika, which shocks everyone.Meanwhile, Ranbir meets Surya who asks him to get into the stolen taxi so that they can chase the goons.Ranbir asks him why is he helping him while Surya tells him that his daughter’s soul will find peace knowing that he managed to save someone’s daughter and tells how he walks all the streets of the city with all his heart. Knows.Back at the Tandon mansion, Akshay threatens to slap Miheeka again, calling her crazy for Ranbir, while Mandeep and Ashok tell him that she has lost her senses.

Prachi tells him to keep his anger to himself as they should focus on Khushi and not on the drama he is doing.Akshay says that only he cares about Khushi while Mihika shouts at everyone saying that they all liked Ranbir but are now doubting him.On the other hand, Ranbir and Surya keep following Rana’s car while the police sees Ranbir and chases him.Prachi is at home and says she can’t wait anymore and tries to leave saying she will talk to Ranbir but Vedika stops her.

Taking advantage of the drama, Akshay leaves as Mihika comes to Prachi and asks her to ask her heart and answer whether she thinks Ranbir can kidnap Khushi or the information provided to them by Akshay. Not sidelining the facts.Prachi is unable to answer but she turns to Vedika for answers as she assures her that Ranbir will definitely call them.


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