Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2023 episode starts with Ranbir and Surya sitting in the car and chase Rana’s car after leaving with Khushi.Rana and his men stop at a locked house and go inside with Khushi after which Ranbir and Surya reach there and search for the house where they might have gone.Akshay gets a call from Rana and is stunned to hear that they are at Bansal Chawl which is actually owned by the Tandon family.

Calling Rana an idiot, Akshay says that if the location is known then suspicion will fall on him, after which he goes out to investigate things himself.After sitting in his car and heading towards their place, Akshay calls Rana and asks him to call Prachi and demand Rs 50 lakh.Akshay explains that asking Prachi to come alone with the money will indicate that Ranbir wants Prachi and Khushi alone, which is why he has planned everything.Rana gets Prachi’s number and tells his men that he thought they were the most bad-natured people in the society but Akshay is overtaken by their malicious nature.

To take revenge from a man, Akshay does not hesitate to even risk the lives of his wife and child, which makes Rana sarcastic and he calls Prachi.Meanwhile, Ritika assures that the kidnappers’ call will definitely come and asks Prachi to extend the conversation by more than a minute so that they can trace the call and know the location.Prachi gets scared as Ritika says Khushi should be fine as 24 hours is a safe time in case of kidnapping but after that, the kidnapper can hurt the hostage.

The call comes and Prachi says that she knows that the person on the other end has his daughter, to which Rana replies yes and tells Prachi that Khushi is fine.Prachi asks Rana how can she believe that Khushi is fine and how much they want to give Khushi back.Rana replies that he wants 50 lakhs in exchange for Khushi after which he sends Khushi’s sleeping picture to Prachi but she questions whether Khushi is alive as she is still lying down.

Rana’s men make a video of Khushi asking about her mother and send it to Prachi after which Rana says that Prachi needs to come there without anyone and he will share the location after a while.Ritika’s team succeeds in tracking down the location and reveals the area to be Bansal Chawl which casts suspicion on the Tandon family as they are the owners.Prachi leaves without listening to anyone while Vishakha calls and asks Akshay where he is telling her about the location tracing.

Akshay is shocked to hear that the police is coming to the scene, just then Prachi comes there and Akshay hides behind the door.Prachi asks Rana to return Khushi but Akshay hits Prachi on the head and makes her unconscious after which he says sorry for hurting Prachi.Ranbir and Surya enter the house and Akshay hides with Prachi while Ranbir fights the kidnappers to get Khushi back.Akshay leaves the house with Prachi and Ritika almost sees him while driving on the road.

Meanwhile, Ranbir wakes up Khushi after regaining consciousness but he is shot in the arm by Rana and he becomes unconscious which causes Khushi to scream for Ranbir.Akshay calls Rana and is happy to hear about Ranbir being injured, after which he asks them to leave immediately, just then Prachi starts regaining consciousness, which panics Akshay.


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ANS. You can watch Kumkum Bhagya online on zee5 or it will telecast on ZEETV

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