Kumkum Bhagya: spoiler ! Ranbir getting filled with fury

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Ranbir is filled with anger as he learns that Akshay is behind the kidnapping.

He promises himself that he will not leave Akshay once he finds out where his daughter is.

Just then Kohli family comes there with the lawyer and manages to get bail for Ranbir, while on the other hand Akshay sees Prachi crying about Khushi.

He talks to himself and justifies that even though he loves Prachi, he needs to punish her.

Akshay says that even though unknowingly, Prachi has betrayed him by hiding the truth of her and Ranbir’s past relationship from him, he still did not expect this from her.

On the other hand, Ranbir thinks in his mind that he has to tell Prachi about his discovery and he runs to call her.

However, she does not pick up his calls and continues roaming the streets looking for happiness.

Will Ranbir be able to convince Prachi that Akshay is behind Khushi’s kidnapping?

How will Akshay blame Ranbir for kidnapping Khushi and put him in jail?

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