Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Episode

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Today’s Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 episode starts with Preeta chasing Nidhi who goes away from Pooja in search of Preeta.Meanwhile, Kareena stops Srishti from pursuing Preeta by asking her to perform the aarti.After handing over the Aarti thali to Srishti, Karan also looks around at Preeta.Meanwhile, Rajveer also sees Preeta here and there and wonders what she is doing there.He decides to find Preeta and take her away before anyone sees her.


Meanwhile, Nidhi locks herself in her room and tries to call the detective, when someone knocks the door.Nidhi gets worried thinking it will be Preeta, then changes her mind thinking it will be Shaurya.However, she is shocked to see Preeta who comes inside and closes the door again.When asked, Nidhi asks Preeta why she would want to kill her.Preeta tells him that she is sure it was her and asks him why he wants to kill her,


Nidhi told him that it was a happy occasion so he should keep this discussion for some other time.However, Preeta tells him that she will go but will take him with her and expose him in front of everyone including Karan and Rishabh and then they all will know about his face.On the other hand, Rishabh follows Karan while Karan tells him that he is searching for Preeta whom he has realized.Meanwhile, Preeta tells Nidhi that once Karan finds out about her truth he will arrest her for attempt to murder so it would be better if she tells him what wrong she has done due to which he is hated. had to face.


Nidhi tries to convince Preeta that she is not the one trying to kill her while Preeta tells her that she is because Shambhu told her so.Seeing Nidhi adamant in her denial, Preeta threatens to expose her.Meanwhile, Rishabh tells Karan to stop searching for Preeta right now as he is needed downstairs with Nidhi and tomorrow he will help him find PreetaSeeing the wisdom in Rishabh’s argument, Karan agrees and goes with him to call Nidhi.


When Preeta keeps asking Nidhi the reason, there is a knock at the door.Meanwhile, Palki is distributing sweets to the guests when she meets Shaurya and she asks him to stay away from Shanaya.However, Shaurya tells her that she should tell Shanaya to stop chasing him or else she is jealous.After a while, he asks Palkhi where is Rajveer who is always with her.Palki gets irritated when Shaurya tells her that she loves Rajveer unrequitedly.Meanwhile, Srishti is searching for Preeta when she sees Shambhu roaming in the house and curses Mohit for letting Shambhu escape.


Meanwhile, Karan keeps knocking and asks Nidhi to come down as Rakhi needs her.Preeta asks Nidhi to open the door and she will also open the book of her crime in front of her family.As Nidhi moves forward with cumbersome steps, Preeta suggests her another option and says that she can also make some excuse and then come out with him and tell him the reason for her hatred towards him.Nidhi feels relieved and chooses the second option and tells Karan that she will come down in a minute and they can leave.


Rishabh and Karan look angry with his attitude.Later, Preeta asks Nidhi to go out with her and they will discuss.Taking advantage of Preeta’s distraction, Nidhi takes a knife with her so that she can use it when she gets a chance.After walking some distance, Nidhi points a knife at Preeta but Preeta tricks Nidhi and takes the knife from her.Later, she tells Nidhi that she wants her to confess her crime to someone else.On the other hand, Kavya is crying in her room thinking about Preeta, when Varun comes to her and consoles her, hearing that she is missing Preeta a lot after meeting a lady from Dance Troopers.



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