Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2023 Written Update

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Today’s Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2023 episode starts with Rajveer asking Shaurya to at least wait to win before boasting about himself.Meanwhile, Shaurya tells him that he does not make stories and tomorrow he will be the one to break the dahi handi.Rishabh and Karan both scold Shaurya and Sandy for being overconfident while Shaurya tells them that he always thinks Rajveer is right which is infuriating.

Rakhi tells them not to take things the wrong way and that they are only talking about sportsmanship.Later, Daljeet bids them farewell while Rakhi tells him that she has to come tomorrow also.Meanwhile, Gurpreet brings Nidhi to the bathroom and warns her not to do any trick or else Srishti will misbehave with her.Nidhi politely tells him that she will not run away as she has made Mohit stand under the window.

Inside the bathroom, Nidhi calls someone using her phone and tells him that she has been kidnapped.On the other hand, Rajveer and Palki are thinking of booking a cab when Shaurya and Sandy come out and offer to drop them home.Before anyone can say yes, Rajveer tells them there is no need and they will manage.However, when Shaurya insists, Daljeet accepts the offer, and drools on Shaurya’s car.As Shaurya asks Shanaya to sit with him, Rajveer tells him that he will sit in front and gives his keys to Sandy to come on the bike.

Shanaya feels troubled by Rajveer’s excessive protectiveness which is becoming a hindrance for her.Meanwhile, Preeta comes out telling Srishti that she will talk to Nidhi later after talking to her.However, both sisters become worried after seeing no one there.Just then Nidhi comes there followed by Gurpreet who tells her that he has taken Nidhi to the bathroom.Srishti tells Gurpreet to be careful with Nidhi as she is a cunning and evil woman who can harm him.

Preeta also tells him that Nidhi has a criminal mind which she uses to plan and plot other people’s demise.She asks Nidhi to tell her now why she is after his life and wants to see him dead.Nidhi tells Preeta that she is exaggerating while Preeta tells her that she is saying the same thing.Preeta also tells her that if she is thinking that she will snatch Karan away from her then she is wrong as he is not interested in her.Just then the bell rings and Gurpreet opens the door thinking it is Daljeet, however it is the police.

Nidhi pretends to be scared and tells the inspector that she is grateful that he came because they have kidnapped her to snatch her jewellery.Srishti and Preeta are shocked by the allegations and tell the inspector that Nidhi is lying and that she is not interested in her jewellery.She also tells him that Nidhi is the one who is trying to kill him and that is why they have brought her here to talk.However, the Inspector does not believe them, especially after seeing Shambhu tied to a chair and takes them all to the police station.

Meanwhile, Shaurya reaches Shanaya’s house while Daljeet thanks her for her kindness.Rajveer tries to send him home saying that it is too late but Shaurya himself invites them for a cup of tea to drop them home.Daljeet gets excited after hearing Shaurya’s words and calls him inside.Rajveer follows Shaurya inside and says he would also like a cup of tea.Meanwhile, Palki thinks that Shanaya is lucky that Rajveer takes care of her.


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