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Today’s Meet 1st October 2023 episode starts with Naaz going to Ganpati pandal and shaking hands with Sumeet.Meet doubts him and says that she will not leave the pandal now, then Naaz says that the pandal is just 50 steps away from her house.She insists Sumeet to come with her while Sumeet murmurs that Naaz is a clever and cunning woman.She agrees with Naaz and says that she is ready to move into his house and also tells that she knows how to maintain friendship with enemies.

Naaz smiles at him and murmurs that her job will become easier as she can now easily spy on Sumeet.Meanwhile, Shlok (Adil) talks to Akki when Bilawal comes there and asks him how Akki started speaking so easily even though he was dumb.Aadil gets nervous and when he signals Akki to do something, Akki behaves as if he is trying to speak.Aadil starts his drama and thanks Allah for giving back his nephew’s voice and he hugs Akki.

After this, Adil says that earlier he had made a vow in Ajmer Sharif that if his nephew’s voice comes back, he will come to India and worship in the Dargah.Bilawal gets angry with him and says that no one from his family will go to India for worship.Meanwhile, his father comes in a wheelchair and says that he also wants to come to India before he dies as this is his last wish.Bilawal also gets angry at her but Naaz tries to convince him and says that there are a lot of special cancer hospitals in India so they can take their Daddu there for treatment.

He again refuses and speaks ill of India while Sumeet interrupts and says that India is known for its hospitality in the world.She says that for Indians guests are after God and they can do anything for them, so she asks them to allow her family to come there.He scolds her so she becomes silent while Poonam does Ganpati aarti and remembers Sumeet and Adil.Meanwhile, Raj consoles her and says that he is there to take the responsibility of her family.

After this Pandit ji asks him to apply Odhni to Bappa so that he can follow his instructions.Meanwhile, she also swears that she will not eat anything and will not even drink water until Shlok and Sumeet return with Akki.On the other hand, Naaz assures Adil that she will somehow convince Bilawal.When she tries to convince him, he agrees and she tells this good news to a member of her family.

Everyone becomes happy and Sumeet congratulates them and welcomes them to India.On the other hand, Priyanka calls Raj and tells him that Poonam is not eating anything then he says that he will come there in a few hours and solve the matter.Naaz says that she will also come with them to Ajmer Sharif while Sumeet grumbles that how can Bilawal send his beloved sister to India.Meanwhile, Bilawal comes to the hall and says that Adil’s wish will now be fulfilled as he is sending Naaz with him.He also says that before going to Ajmer Sharif he has to marry his sister Naaz, Adil is shocked to hear this.


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