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Meet 27th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Meet 27th September 2023 episode starts with Shlok and Sumeet’s reunion after which Sumeet asks Shlok how is he alive when Bilwar says that he is dead.This revealed to Shlok that he had been shot in the chest while running away from Bilwar, after which Bilwar and his soldiers left, after which Akki came and brought Shlok back to his senses.He further tells Sumeet that another fellow Indian was shot whom he tried to save but failed after which to escape Bilwar’s wrath, he slowly wraps himself and Akki in a carpet and goes to a tent. Hiding in the shop.

After a while, some people came and took him in the truck, thus both he and Akki attended the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.Sumeet then tells Shlok that they should take a picture of all of them including Akki so that the family can know that they are safe.In India, Chaudhary celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, during which Poonam prays for Shloka and Sumeet.Amidst all this, Raj gets a message from Sumeet saying that Shlok, he and Akki are safe to make him happy.

Raj then tells everyone in the family about Sumeet’s victory which makes everyone happy after which Raj takes Priyanka aside.He asks Priyanka out on a date, to which Priyanka shyly says yes, while Pankhuri becomes jealous upon hearing this.Then Raj and Priyanka try to get out while Pankhuri tries to stop Priyanka by putting her foot in between so that she slips.However, Sarthak pulls Pankhuri aside which spoils his plan and invites Pankhuri for a pani puri date but she ignores him.

Sarthak passes by Pankhuri and tricks Pankhuri into making a plan so that she can get her name associated with Raj.On the other hand, Billawar and Naaz approach the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration while Sumeet pushes a cart forward carrying Shlok dressed as Adil and Akki.Seeing the glow of happiness on Sumeet’s face, Bilwar asks Sumeet what he is happy about even after losing Shlok, Sumeet said that he is blessed by Lord Ganesha.

Sumeet then moves the cart but unfortunately, a shoe falls out forcing Bilwar to check the contents of the cart.Soon, Adil and Akki find Bilwar and Naaz, who ask him who did this to them, after which Sumeet pretends to kidnap them.Sumeet takes the gun and pretends to attack Adil, during which she threatens Billawar to let his soldiers go if he advances.Away from all of them, Aadil and Sumeet continue to press their views saying that the situation may be tense but nothing happens.

Taking this as an opportunity, Billawar throws his stick forward, causing Sumeet to loose his grip on the gun, after which he and his soldiers capture Sumeet.This causes Adil to point his gun at Bilwar, causing both he and Naaz to clash, but Adil deals with the situation by saying that he does not want Bilwar to shed the blood of Indians.Adil gives the gun to Naaz while Bilwar asks his soldiers to arrest Sumeet, leaving Adil and Sumeet looking at each other helplessly.

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