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Today’s Meet 29th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet arriving at the embassy while the officer welcomes him.However, Bilawal’s men work as cleaners and overhear their conversation while Sumeet becomes suspicious of him.She lies that she has come there just to give him the prasad and she goes and stands up and gives the prasad to the detective.Sumeet saw that the cleaner was none other than the constable who was at Bilawal’s house.

She leaves wondering what to do now as she cannot speak to the embassy officer.Furthermore, Bilawal learns of Sumeet’s arrival at the embassy at midnight and becomes suspicious of him, while he tells the constables that he will not rest until he finds Shlok’s body.Meanwhile, Sumeet arrives at the hideout and tries to convince Aadil that they are good people and frees him from bondage to feed him.However, Adil pushes her and tries to run away but then Shlok comes there and slaps him back inside the house.

They tie him up and decide that he will not listen to them while Shlok sees a wound on his hand.He tells her how Bilawal has sent spies after him and how he is refusing to believe that the body is Shlok’s.Sumeet tells him not to lie about such things and makes him fill vermilion in her maang.Then Naaz shouts for Sumeet and Shlok hides while Sumeet hides his hairline with his dupatta and his hair.She comments on how Pakistanis only come at night to make friends.

Naaz tells him how she is the one who created enmity between them by trying to kidnap Adil and leaves by giving her pictures taken in the pandal.Coming back to India, Raj brings home vegetable ration and new clothes for the family members and asks them to let him become the son of the house.Pankhuri gets jealous seeing the outfit Raj had prepared for Priyanka while Dadi tells how Sumeet and Shlok also took care of the likes and dislikes of the family.Raj tells them that he also misses his sister and tells them that when they were kids he wouldn’t even let her go on picnics alone.

They all feel happy and pray that Sumeet returns home and brings Shlok and Akki with him.Pankhuri thinks in her mind that the expensive dress that Priyanka got should have been hers.Raj takes Priyanka aside and asks her to try on his dress for him as she agrees and goes to change the dress.As she is changing clothes, someone tries to take pictures of her but then their phone battery runs out.She comes out and Raj praises her while someone watches them from a distance.

In Pakistan, Bilawal asks his men to send the body to Sumeet so that he can mourn, while Naaz comes there and informs him that Sumeet’s husband is alive and she scolds the police force.She tells him how she saw fresh vermillion in Sumeet’s maang and there were dirty footprints in the room.Bilawal gets angry while Naaz tells him that he has to think more cleverly to catch Sumeet’s husband.He is amazed by his sister’s thinking ability and asks her what she has in her mind, while Naaz explains that she has something in her mind that will trap the enemies.

Bilawal tells Naaz that she will be honored for helping him catch the spy while Naaz says that she is doing it because Sumeet tried to harm her Adil.Later, Sumeet was praying to God when the wind broke the ropes holding the curtains.Just then Naaz comes there and helps him as she apologizes for her earlier behavior and invites him to stay at the Bilawal house for a few days.


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