Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan 16th October 2023 episode starts withMohan pleads with Damini to save his Gungun, saying that if she wants him to rub his nose in front of her then he will do the same, Mohan kneels down in front of Damini and starts rubbing his nose on the floor, Damini And Kaveri both are just watching him. When Damini is unable to bear it, he gets a little angry.

Mohan gets down on his knees and folds his hands and pleads with Damini to save his daughter and give him the money. He says that he How to know that he never liked Gungun but she was born before him and there will be a feeling, Mohan says if he ever loved her truly then he should help her and save Gungun as she is on the verge of dying in the hospital. Fighting for her, he keeps requesting but Kaveri prompts Damini not to do so.

Damini stands in front of Mohan and helps him to stand, she says that he is not as bad as he thinks about her and she still has feelings for him and even for Gungun. Too. She admits that Gungun has hurt her a lot and insulted her while giving her place to Radha. Damini says that she tried hard to be Gungun’s mother but she never accepted her, Mohan says that he will apologize to her on Gungun’s behalf but requests Damini to save her life,

Damini replies that Mohan It was right because Gungun was born before his eyes and he himself has fed Gungun a lot so she will help him, Mohan was happy to hear this. Kaveri questions whether Damini has gone mad because she forgot that he is the same Mohan who threatened her a few hours ago, Mohan requests Kaveri not to stop her daughter from confessing that she He actually teases her, but he gets down on his knees holding her legs and promises not to do so. Raise your eyes before him and he says that he will also serve as their servant.

Mohan offers that they can call Bhushan uncle and Mohit too so that she can apologize to them too, Kaveri replies that both Bhushan and Mohit are not at home while she will never forgive her and she asks Damini not to help her. Also warned to do so. Mohan says that if Gungun dies then he too will not be able to survive, Damini tells Kaveri not to be so cruel as she cannot see Mohan’s condition. Damini asks Kaveri to bring water saying that she behaves like a child sometimes, Damini starts pouring water when Mohan tells that Gungun is in ICU, Damini forces her to drink water.

When Kaveri tells Damini that he is taking advantage of her feelings, Damini mentions that she never had any problems with him or his family as she really wanted to be Gungun’s mother but Radha, Mohan says that She wants Radha to apologize to him so he promises that Radha can do anything for Gungun, assuring that both of them can do it if they work as a servant for him all their life. , but he pleads that he should protect Gungun, and promises that both of them will work as his servants for the rest of their lives.

Damini agrees that she needs twenty lakhs, but says that she can take fifty lakhs as it is needed for the treatment of a child, Mohan immediately holds both her hands and says that he has done her a huge favor. Has done, she promised that she would not come. To withdraw anything from this property including business and publishing.

Damini slowly removes his hand and kisses his hand after which she starts rubbing her hand on his head and then on his chest, she says she has a condition. Mohan replies that they will accept all his conditions, Damini says that she should listen to his condition at least once as she is sure that Radha will object to it. Mohan says he knows Radha will have no problem with this.

Damini sits on chair and says she always wanted love from Mohan but he never loved her, she kept shouting, screaming but he never loved her, in fact never looked at her with those feelings and he Have done a lot for. Damini mentions that she changed her appearance and even took care of him with the whole business and family, but still he did not fall madly in love with her, Mohan remembers when she told him that she would not marry him. can do.

Damini says today that she will not beg for his love and will never engage his support again because she knows he can never love her the way he loves Radha. Damini says that she needs 20 lakhs for her daughter’s treatment but he can take as much money as he wants but for the sake of his daughter’s life, in return Mohan has to spend a night with her, Mohan is stunned to hear this . Kaveri also questions what she is saying, Mohan asks what Damini is talking about.

Damini says that no one gives even a cup of tea for free when she is paying so much money for her daughter’s treatment. Mohan gets angry when Damini says that she has to remember her daughter’s face before doing anything. It should be done, Damini explains that both of them know that today or tomorrow he will die.

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