Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Radha Mohan 1st October 2023 Written Update

Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 1st Octobe 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Today’s Radha Mohan 1st October 2023 episode starts with Radha’s worried prayer for Damini to never become the reason for Mohan’s problem after which she returns.She sees Gungun crying after which she goes to take care of her, to which Gungun tells that Mohan is very bad because he has misbehaved with her.Meanwhile, Bhushan sees Radha crying and praises Damini for succeeding in creating a rift between Radha and Mohan’s relationship.

Damini tells Bhushan that since trust is the foundation of the couple’s relationship, she will use it as a means to break them.On the other hand, Radha tells Gungun that Mohan’s actions do not define his character and then moves in with him as she has to go to school.However on the way, Radha gets worried thinking that Mohan will face a big problem and Tulsi seeing Radha worried decides to find out about Mohan and disappears.

Later, Tulsi sees Mohan at the Trivedi house and soon realizes that he is working there as a servant.Kaveri, Bhushan and Kansa eat pizza while Mohan enters and comes close to Kansa after seeing the ketchup stain on his T-shirt.Mohan grabs the t-shirt and Kansa asks him to leave but Mohan asks him to wait and takes him to bring it upstairs after the scrubber.Mohan asks Kansa not to move while he plans to remove the stain, but in the process he beats him badly.

Due to this, Kansa starts running away from Mohan, after which Kaveri and Bhushan also run away and Bhushan takes out his legs and hides under the table.Kansa locks himself in a room while outside, Mohan sees Bhushan’s leg outside and in a misunderstanding, Kansa pulls it out.This brings Bhushan out, after which he runs away and locks himself in the room.Mohan then turns to Kaveri and seeing the ketchup stain on her saree, plans to clean it too, causing Kaveri to run away and lock herself in a room.

He then comes to the door and knocks on it, causing Damini to open the door and orders Mohan to bring his sandals, to which Mohan follows her order and leaves.Meanwhile, Radha, lost in thoughts, is brought back to the present by Ketaki and asks her if she is okay.Radha lies that she is worried for Gungun and after a while Ketaki tells her that she is planning to open her beauty parlor again.

This causes Radha to support her after which Ketaki leaves and Radha sees Kadambari, who enters.Believing that Mohan has hurt Radha, Kadambari asks him to open up, leading Radha to say that she thinks Mohan is hiding something.Kadambari tells Radha that she will talk to Mohan about this, but Radha considers it unnecessary as it will only increase Mohan’s problems.Later, as per Damini’s orders, Mohan brings her sandals and Damini orders him to clean her shoes with her T-shirt.

Tulsi gets angry at this while Mohan obeys and cleans her shoes with his T-shirt and willingly places the shoes on her feet.However, a nail pricks Damini’s sole causing her to bleed and she blames Mohan when he says that it was the iron nail that caused her injury.Damini then asks Mohan to bring the other shoe, but stops him saying that she will bring it for herself and walks away limping.

Due to this, Mohan sits on the sofa and eats pizza while Damini, angry with Mohan, calls Bhushan and asks about Gungun’s fees.From the room, Bhushan tells Damini that Gungun’s school fees have already been paid and disconnects the call after which Damini plans to use Gungun to break the bond between Radha and Mohan.


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