Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan 24th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Angad tells Sahiba that she is staying alone in a hostel away from family and hence she should accept his money to take care of her expenses. Sahiba says she can take care of herself, she thought he really appreciated her art, but she was wrong. She says he wore her gifted gown even though he didn’t like that gown because he wanted to see her in it, but now he realized that he wanted to see Sirat in it.

Angad asks if she has lost her mind, she seems happy without him but is using him constantly and is happy because she got a big break because of him. Sahiba continues to accuse him by describing the experiments conducted on her. Angad goes away saying that this world will end but not the fight between Sahiba and Angad.

Sahiba goes to the water vending machine with tearful eyes. Rumi pretends to talk to her mother and says that there is a great artist in her college whose paintings are highly appreciated in the art gallery, but he is troubled because of some idiot. Sahiba wonders why he is talking to his mother about her. Rumi pretended to pay attention to him and apologized for talking to her mother about him, saying that she felt very bad for him and so she talked to her mother about him. He offers her water and says that when they are upset they feel better if they drink water. Sahiba drinks water and thanks him and goes away. Rumi thinks he expressed his feelings today and soon he will express his feelings.

Ajit asks Angad how his and Sahiba’s relationship became so bitter. Rumi returns home and draws a sketch of herself and Sahiba in a book and thinks that the moment she spent with her today will be remembered in her mind as a happy memory for her whole life, she worries about Angad. No need to because he will teach Angad a lesson soon. , Ajit says if he doesn’t want to answer then it’s okay, but if he needs any emotional support then he can trust him and leaves from there. Veer asks Angad if he is fine. Angad says that he could not answer Ajit that his daughter left him without any reason.

At night, Angad sits in the garden and recalls his fight with Sahiba. Sirat goes to him and asks why is he sitting here upset. Angad says he is fine. The maid brings a parcel for him. Sirat reads a message that Ludhiana Art Gallery has sent Sahiba’s painting as a gift for her and asks what Sahiba wants to prove. Angad says forget it.

Sirat sees a plain canvas and asks Angad why Sahiba sent her a plain canvas. Angad stands in confusion. After coming back to the room, Angad cannot sleep remembering Sahiba’s words. He hears someone coming into the bathroom and goes inside. He is shocked to see Karthik touching Sahiba’s belongings. He angrily pulls her out of the bathroom and yells at her asking who she is and how dare she touch his wife’s personal things.

Veer intervenes and says that Kartik is his friend and they were partying. Angad asks what his friend is doing in the bathroom. Kartik says he wanted to pee and since Veer was in his bathroom, he came here. Angad says that he had not seen Karthik in his friend circle before. Veer says they met just today during the party and recalls Kartik praising the music and Veer decided to show him his musical instruments and bring him home. He says that Karthik studies photography in Sahiba’s college. Kartik asks Angad if he is Sahiba’s husband. He says that Sahiba was upset during the exhibition, but he was surprised to see her amazing dance during the party. Veer takes him away from there, which angers Angad.

Precap: Sahiba gets a parcel. Sahiba finds Angad’s watch and a blood stained shirt which says that she has thrown Angad out of her life and now he is hers. Sahiba runs on the road worried about Angad. Rumi stops his jeep and asks what she is doing here. Sahiba says that Angad’s life is in danger. Rumi asks him to sit in his jeep, he will help him. She comes inside. He smiles.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Teri Meri Doriyaan

ANS. You can watch Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Teri Meri Doriyaan upcoming story

ANS. The man attacks Abhir and Akshu. He asks where is Dr. Abhimanyu. Abhi gets a message and is shocked.

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