Titli 22ndSeptember 2023 Written Episode Update

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Episode starts with Titli saying I have come back of my own free will. The cuckoo calls him. Titli says sorry, you told me I should go, I came back, you know why, I didn’t like leaving you alone, I remember your words, I promise you, I will stay in this family. I will unite, I will not. Let my heart break again and again. Koyal says I made a big mistake in understanding you, forgive me. She hugs the Titli and blesses it. The Titli says you should also be happy.

Alpa says I will eat sweets. A mouse comes. she shouts. Cuckoo and myna come. Maina says I hate rats, I will kill it. The cuckoo says that the rat is Bappa’s rodent, killing it is a sin. Maina argues. Titli comes and stops the myna. The rat goes. The Titli says the rat will not harm anyone, the cuckoo is right, we should not kill the rat. The cuckoo says that you should wash your hands first. Maina asks Alpa to clean the mess. Alpa says they are connecting with each other, Titli will not listen to you, she looks changed. Maina gets a call from Megha. She goes.


The Titli searches for the mouse. Garv asks what are you going. She says I am searching for Mooshak. He says I will help you. She says no need. She goes into the room and sees the rat on top of the cupboard. She asks the rat to come down. Garv comes and takes him away. Maina says I told my family that you are coming. Megha says I wanted to come, I had some work. Maina says I have sent the address, come whenever you are free.

Megha checks the address and asks, is this your address, I didn’t ask your name. Maina tells her name as Maina Manikant Mehta. Megha says I don’t want to miss your affection, I will come. Maina says ok, see you, bye. Megha thinks I am going to Garv’s house. The man asks for any updates. Titli says I don’t want your help, leave me. Garv says ok. She comes back. They’re having a moment. He says this is his nature, it will remain the same. The Titli says I have to catch the mouse lovingly. He says, let’s see whose path is right. He gets a stick. She says no, the mouse will get scared. They fall on the bed. The rat comes under the cupboard.


Maina asks why did you make so many sweets, they will get wasted. The cuckoo says no, do one thing, you make it, you know it well, nothing of mine will go waste. Garv says my way is the best. Titli drops some sweets and asks Garv to wait and see. Garv says you are keeping wrong expectations, you will be disappointed, he is born with a wild instinct, he doesn’t listen to anyone, show love or anger, it doesn’t matter. The rat comes and sits on his shoulder.

The Titli sees this and smiles. Garv picks up a stick. She says that we can overcome this fear with love, just feel the power of love. Rat eats sweets. The Titli says that the mouse realized that we do not want to hurt, this is the peace of love. She asks the rat to leave. The rat goes away. Garv goes and remembers the Titli’s words. Dhara asks him to see Drishti. Drishti says I will not come down until the rat goes out. Garv says, relax, it is under control, the rat is not out to harm you.

Drishti says I will not come down. Garv says come down, nothing will happen. She comes down the stairs. Dhara scares her and runs away. Dhara asks where are the sweets. Koyal takes him to see. Garv takes the sweets and gives them to everyone. He asks Titli to take it. She thanks him. He says, I am the new Garv, Garv 2.0, I am not weak. She asks should I go now? He holds her hand and pulls her into his arms. He says I will change for your love, when you are also changing, my love will win you one day. She says then… He says then our relationship will become very strong, no one can come between us. Megha comes and sees.



Megha tells Garv about Titli and her friend Ankit. Garv sees the picture and gets angry. Titli says I have put this picture here. Garv goes to the storeroom. He picks up a hammer.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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