Titli 24th September 2023 Written Episode Update

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Episode starts with Koyal and Manikant performing Ganesh Aarti which shocks Maina. She thinks she has been doing aarti for years but this time because of Titli  the cuckoo took its place. Megha gets angry seeing Garv and Titli happily worshiping together. She enters Titli’s bedroom and angrily looks at her photograph on the wall. She says she hates Titli’s smile. Megha burnt the picture of Titli  hanging on the wall and smiled.

She runs outside. The cuckoo tells Titli to go and bring Dakshina for Panditji. Titli enters her room and is shocked to see the fire.Garv sees that Titli is missing and wants to go in search of her but Maina stops him. Titli gets trapped in the fire in the room and struggles to breathe due to the smoke. Megha comes and sits in the puja with everyone. Garv looks at the rats and smiles. Drishti screams seeing this.

Garv chases the mice and thinks that Titli would have caught it easily. He reaches the room chasing the rats and is shocked to see Titli trapped in the fire. Garv shouts loudly due to which all the family members come there. They prevent him from entering the room directly.Garv runs to get the water hose and extinguishes the fire. He jumps into the room and is horrified to see Titli unconscious.

Garv takes Titli to the hall and makes her lie down. Megha thinks she didn’t want to hurt Titli. The doctor examines Titli and assures that she is fine. Titli regains consciousness and coughs. Garv tells Titli how he got scared seeing her condition and gave her water to drink. Titli thanks Garv while Garv says that both versions of Garv love him. Manikant asks how the room caught fire. Titli tells that when she entered the room, she saw her photo burning and also saw a lighter kept there.

Titli tells that Megha was not in the puja. Garv questions Megha as to where she was. She lies about being in the washroom and Maina saves her. The cuckoo asks the Titli  to freshen up. Garv insists on helping but she refuses. However, when he starts feeling dizzy again and again while walking, Gurv takes over him. Both Megha and Maina got angry. Megha is about to leave when Koyal questions her about the injury on her wrist and she lies about it. Maina says she will drop him outside. After going out Maina questions Megha if she won’t ask why she saved her.

Maina says it is fine as Titli was trapped in the fire but if Garv had been hurt she would not have left him. She asks Megha to tell the real reason behind burning Titli’s frame. Megha lies and says that she hates Titli because of her selfishness. She talks about being Garv’s therapist and explains how Titli is dominating her. Megha instigates Maina against Titli saying that she is doing wrong to Garv as well as their entire family, which angers her and she burns the photo in anger. The episode ends with Maina being impressed by his words.

precap: cuckoo Titli  and the Gurv pray for the distance to shorten. Maina asks Megha to help Garv in getting rid of Titli from his life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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