Titli 25th  September 2023 Written Update

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Episode starts with Megha acting sweetly and fooling Maina. She says forgive me, I will never come back here, take care of yourself. Maina stops him. Chiku hears the doctor talking about transferring him. He tries to cut the rope. He gets free and says I will not go anywhere, come back. The doctor asked the ward boy to hold him. Chiku runs away from there.


Manikant asks, is the work completed? Doctor says Chiku has run away, but my men have gone after him. Manikant is surprised. Maina thanks Megha for understanding her pain. She says Titli cast a spell on everyone, you care about Garv. Megha says I care about you too, you deserve to be happy. Maina says I decided what to do for my son’s happiness. She asks will you help me separate the Titli and the Garv. Megha says but Titli is your daughter-in-law.

Maina says I don’t care, my son is not happy, please listen to my request. Megha agrees to help. Maina thanked him. She says ask me anything, tell me what you want. Megha smiles and says I will ask when time comes. Maina nodded. Megha says take care.


Garv sees Titli making the bed outside. She says repair staff will come tomorrow. Garv says I don’t have any problem, it is very romantic like it happens in movies. She sees the burnt wound on his hand and gets worried. He says I was showing bravery to save my heroine, I got hurt, it will be fine. She says I will get the medicine. He stops him.

They do romance. What’s happening…plays…she applies ointment. He says you wanted to do this, you spoiled my mood, you played with my emotions, don’t you feel bad. She says no. She pushes him and asks him to sleep. The cuckoo prays for the Garv and the Titli. Manikant saw Maina in the room. She asks doctor if you found Chiku. Doctor says no, we should file a police complaint.


Manikant scolded him. Maina asks is everything okay? He says yes. He worries. It’s morning, the cuckoo makes kheer. She says that our family gives food and clothes to the needy. Dhara takes one laddu. Alpa comes and takes the laddu. Man gets ration. He asks for money. She says I will get money from Manikant. Alpa says she is not at home. Koyal asks where did he go. Alpa says don’t know. The cuckoo asks him for money. Alpa says I don’t have it. The cuckoo goes to ask for money from the myna. Maina asks why do you want this? She lectures the cuckoo.


The man says ok, I will come later and take it. Titli says this is digital time, if we don’t have cash we can pay online. Koel says I don’t have any account. Titli says I opened an account for you and linked it to the app. She shows app to Koel and says it has 10000 rupees in it, I did the decoration work and put the money in your account, I thought of telling you on your birthday. Koyal smiles and says but I can’t do this. Titli asks him to learn. She teaches the cuckoo. The man says I got the money, thanks. The cuckoo becomes happy.


Maina gets jealous and asks what was the need for this. Titli says it is helpful, you have a personal account also, dad will send money to Koyal just like he sends you, you both are Lakshmi and you should not ask for money. Megha comes and sees. She says I have seen whatever happened, I just came to see you. She speaks against the Titli. She says we have to do something that Garv insults Titli and she leaves the house.


Maina says she will not go, why would he get angry at her. Megha says he will, one more person is his weakness, his brother Chiku… Maina cries. Megha says you will lose Garv also. Maina says no, I will not let anything happen to Garv and my family, I will do anything for them, we will give clothes to needy children and take advantage of this opportunity. Megha thinks no one can stop me from removing the Titli from this house.



Titli says Megha, my family is not perfect, we don’t need anyone to solve our problems, you can go. Megha says I will not go, I will stay here.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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