Titli 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Titli 2nd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on Tellygossips.in

Episode starts with Titli saying Garv is at the flower shop, come with me. They all leave. Garv goes away. Everyone comes there. They are shocked to see Garv with a piece of glass in his hand. Inspector arrests Garv. Garv asks why are you arresting me, what did I do. He asks Titli who destroyed the shop. Inspector scolds Garv.

Manikant says you can’t trust someone like that. Inspector shows picture of woman wearing burqa. Garv asks which woman. He looks at the picture. Megha comes and smiles. Manikant tries to defend Garv. Megha left. She washes the wound. She remembers hurting herself. She sends the pictures to the police. Koyal asks what is he saying, did you do this.


Garv cries. Chiku says leave him, I will not let you take him. Koyal says don’t worry, he will be fine. The family returned home. The cuckoo consoled Chiku. Chiku says bring Garv back, bad uncle will kill him. He asks the cuckoo to make a promise. The cuckoo promised him. Maina asks how will you fulfill the promise and bring back Garv. Manikant brings water for Chiku.

Maina says that you are making this house a Dharamshala. Koel says Garv will come, don’t worry. Maina says let her worry, everyone is taking care of her, throw her out of the house. The cuckoo says, stop it, enough already. Maina says enough, my son is in jail, we have to get his bail, come, this boy goes out and our tension will end. Koyal thinks how to tell you, he is your son. Maina asks who is he to you, tell me why he has affection for you? The cuckoo looks at Manikant. She asks Maina not to talk bitterly. She says Chiku needs affection, she is ill, Manikant and you can go to save Garv. Manikant says yes, we will go. He thanked the cuckoo.


The Titli is sitting and crying. Megha comes and behaves sweetly. She asks will you still support Garv. The Titli runs. She says I will also go with you to the police station. Maina says no need, I will bring her. Titli says please take me along with you. Manikant asked Maina to stay there. He asks Titli to sit. He says Garv would love to see the Titli there. Maina got angry. Megha comes and says I didn’t do this, I came here for Garv and your well-being. Manikant and Titli come to the police station and get permission to meet Garv.

Titli proudly asks to tell the truth about what happened. He says I don’t remember anything, but looking at my past I can’t deny it, I don’t know how I could kill a woman. She asks him to remember. Jail fellow says woman deserves to be beaten, you are a woman, why are you giving explanation to your wife, if she troubles you then kill her. Garv becomes angry. Titli says no Garv… He sits and explains to the man. Titli thinks Garv did not raise his hand on this man, why would he hit that woman. She goes and asks for the lady’s contact number. Constable says no, you can’t have it. Titli thinks I was going to give you a big good news, your brother is alive, what should I do to save you from this problem.



Megha proudly tells him to come with her for the therapy session if he needs her help. he goes Titli looks at the wedding photo. She says it means Megha loves Garv.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch  Titli

ANS. You can watch  Titli online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1. Titli upcoming story

ANS. Titli thanks Garv for changing himself. He pulls her closer to him and tells her about strengthening their relationship.

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