Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 23rd September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Kashvi comes to the dining table. Mahima says Mohit finally learned the dance steps, and says I hope he won’t make any mistakes. Ricky asks if it was dance steps and shows how he was dancing. Mahima says he dances like this. doorbell rings. Arjun opened the door. The commissioner comes there along with the police inspector and constable.

Nitya says sir, you have come here, you have asked me to come. The commissioner told him that a murder complaint was registered against him. Nitya gets shocked and asks whose murder? Inspector says boy Golu’s mother had filed a case against you and said that you are responsible for her son’s death.

Nitya says I am on duty and if anything happens to someone then how can you blame me, I was following the protocol and couldn’t risk the delegates’ lives. She says I was doing my work and following the rules. Commissioner says I agree, but the matter has reached higher authorities and an investigation team has been formed, and the boy’s mother also reveals the name of the witness, who is with them. Nitya asks what is Sakshi’s name? The commissioner says that he took the name of Kashvi Bajwa. Arjun and Kashvi are shocked. Nitya looks at him angrily. Commissioner says if Kashvi does not give statement against you and does not support you in front of the committee then you will not be punished. he goes


Nitya threatens Kashvi and says I will not let any stupid woman ruin my career. Kashvi is surprised. Mahima smiled. Nitya asks why are you silent. Arjun asks him to calm down. Nitya says no one can ruin my career. Jagdish asks Arjun to take him to the room and says I will talk to Kashvi. He asks Kashvi to tell him what really happened.

Kashvi says that on that day when delegates and VIPs were coming for the post. She tells everything and is shown a Facebook. She asks him to tell me where I am wrong. Jagdish says I know Nitya did wrong, but she was doing her duty. He asks her to do her duty as a daughter-in-law and says if you take a wrong decision then her career will be ruined.

He says Nitya’s career is important for him, and asks her not to give statement against Nitya, and says I am sure you will not let anything wrong happen to our house and Nitya. He requests her not to give statement against Nitya. Kashvi is surprised. She comes to grandmother and cries. Dadi says this is their litmus test. Kashvi says I don’t know what to do, that boy’s mother has lost her son because of her mother. Dadi tells that Nayan was like you, and tells about an instance when Nayan helped a customer against Romila and Keval’s wishes, and they were about to break up with him. She says you are her daughter and will follow the right path, but make sure you are ready.


The servant serves tea to everyone at the dining table. Nitya drinks tea and shouts at him harshly. Jagdish asks her to calm down and come, as they have to go. Kashvi comes there. Nitya warns him asking him to keep his mouth shut and says that he has made his career very hard and made a lot of sacrifices. She says I am warning, don’t think of ruining it for a stranger, and says don’t forget that I am your husband’s mother and your mother-in-law and it is your duty to save me. Romila says Kashvi will not go against you and asks her to eat curd and sugar and says everything will be fine. Nitya leaves from there.


Nitya tells in front of the committee that she was doing her duty and says that if anything had happened to the dignitaries or VIP people of our country then the respect of our country would have been lost. She says I feel bad that a family has lost their son. She says I am sorry, but I couldn’t do anything then. She says many soldiers sacrifice their lives for the country during war and I also did the same, why are fingers pointed at me. Committee members ask Kashvi to testify about the case. Nitya thinks that Kashvi will not give statement against me, because Arjun and her relationship can break completely.

Kashvi says yes, it was Nitya ma’am’s mistake and says if they had let the auto go by direct route, they would have got treatment on time, but they didn’t do that and treatment got delayed, doctors couldn’t. Saved him. She says I think Nitya ma’am is responsible. Nitya asks who is she to blame me, and says she is a trainee. She says I have been working for 20 years and I have experience.


Kashvi says I am not as experienced as her, and I am just a trainee, and tells that the auto can be allowed to pass by, as the convoy was about to arrive after 2-4 minutes, but she orders the auto to be removed. He was given by the way and the helpless parents kept pleading in front of everyone, but no one helped him. She says that’s why I took them in my car, and the doctor said


That if they had brought him 15 minutes earlier she could have stopped his bleeding and saved him. She says yes, Nitya ma’am is responsible as she didn’t let her go. Nitya asks what is the guarantee that if he was taken there 15 minutes earlier, the boy would have been saved. Kashvi says that there is no guarantee of anything in life, it is in our hands to try. The community one asks where is it written in our protocol book, what will we do. Kashvi says that if she had shown even a little humanity and motherly love, Golu would have been alive and among us.

Nitya says now you will tell me what to do and what not to do, and says many children might have died at that time. Committee officer asks we are not here to discuss all that, and says because of your wrong decision a boy died and your punishment is that you are temporarily suspended. Nitya gets shocked and says this is not fair, and says I am an honest officer and my career cannot be ruined because of this girl. The committee member says that a special committee will be formed and they will conduct a complete investigation and till then you are temporarily suspended from now on. Kashvi and Nitya come out.


Jagdish asked what happened? Nitya asks Kashvi what do you think by giving statement against me. She says you are nothing, it is my mistake to consider you as my daughter. Kashvi says I consider you my mother and if mother was in your place, I would have done the same. Nitya asks him not to be arrogant and let others down. Kashvi says these are my values given by my mother and she tells them to follow the right path and says whatever happened to the family was wrong. Nitya says you will have to suffer for what you have done. She raises her hand to slap him, but Arjun comes and holds her hand. Kashvi cries.


Precap: Nitya tells Arjun that Kashvi has feuded with him and suspended him. Mohit’s mother asks Grandma to prove that Mahima is a virgin and for this she has to undergo a virginity test. Mahima is shocked. Nitya asks Arjun to take revenge from Kashvi and throws him out of the house. Arjun looks at Kashvi



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Q1. where to watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC)

ANS. You can watch Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) upcoming story

ANS.Kashvi shouting at Nitya for taking someone’s life and blaming her for not letting the child go to the hospital quickly.

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