Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 24th September 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) 24th September 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Nitya tells Kashvi that she did wrong to her, it is wrong to support your own and take revenge from them. Kashvi says mother… Nitya tells her not to say anything else she will slap her. She raises her hand to slap him, but Arjun comes there and holds her hand.

Nitya says it is good that you came, and tells that your wife suspended me, she humiliated me in front of the world and I was fired from the job. She asks him to take revenge and throw him out of the house, if he is her son. Arjun asks Kashvi if she is okay? Nitya is shocked. Arjun says whatever he did, I asked him to do. He says that I asked him to support the truth fearlessly. A Facebook is shown.

Kashvi says sorry to Arjun. Arjun asks him not to change his statement. He says papa must have asked you not to give statement against maa. He says grandma and aunty will also say the same, but you have to do what your heart wants, and tells her not to let the values given by her mother fail her and says I am with you, all your life. Your partner for. Facebook is over.


Nitya says you asked Kashvi to give statement against me. Arjun says I asked him to support the truth. Jagdish says how can you both do this, Nitya has lost her job. Arjun says when you are protective about your wife then I will also be protective about my wife. He says I think mom is wrong because a boy died because of her. He says you will say that mother was doing her work. He says that Kashvi is also doing her work.

Jagdish claps and asks Kashvi if she didn’t think about the family. Nitya thinks my own son turned against me, it was my mistake to get her married to Arjun, I thought she was from the village and it would be easy for me to handle her. She thinks that she will not say anything against Kashvi now, because he will become more protective. She says I have to go to office to collect my stuff and get more humiliated. Arjun says I will come with you. Jagdish says I will come. Nitya says she doesn’t want anyone and leaves.


Kashvi hugs Arjun. Yeh Hai Chahatein Play… In the car, Arjun tells Kashvi that when mom’s anger goes away, she will understand that it is not your fault. A lady comes at the traffic signal and asks him to buy flowers/gajra and says she will give it to him for Rs 10. Arjun buys the entire basket and gives her the money. The woman thanked him. Kashvi asks why did you buy Gajra basket? Arjun says so that I look beautiful wearing it. He clearly says it for you. She says I don’t wear it and my mood is also bad. Arjun says then money will be wasted, I have bought it so I will wear it. He tries to wear it. Kashvi laughed. He asks if she will wear only one gajra.

Kashvi turns and he makes her wear it. The traffic signal opens and he drives off. Romila gets a call and tells Mahima and others that Kashvi has given statement against Nitya and says if she has gone mad, how can she go against her mother-in-law. She says what face will we show them. Kashvi and Arjun come there. Romila asks have you sold your mind, or you are an officer so your mind has reached the sky. She asks why did you do this, what will we say to Nitya and Jagdish. Arjun says Kashvi didn’t do anything wrong and I will handle it.

Mahima asks how will you handle, and says tomorrow is my sangeet function and says there will be no function now. She says first Kashvi spoiled my wedding shooting and then mehendi function, and tells that Nitya and Jagdish will not attend her function. Arjun says your work will not stop.


Mohit and his mother come there. Her mother Shobhana tells grandmother that Nitya has been suspended because of Kashvi. She says today she came to know that Nitya is a corrupt officer, though she considered him respectable. Dadi asks her not to think about all this. Shobhana says everyone is talking about this. She says I wonder whether I will do this marriage or not and says a lot had happened, and you hid from us. Dadi asks what have we hidden. Shobhana says Mahima and Arjun were about to get married, but Mahima left the mandap and ran away with some guy.


Nitya takes her luggage from her cabin. Varma comes there and offers help. Nitya says I want to ruin Kashvi. He says I know what to do to get him punished. He asks him to snatch Kashvi’s job. Mahima tells him that she told the truth to Mohit and he agreed to marry me even after knowing the truth. Shobhana says Mohit is mad, but I am not mad. She says I will not let my son marry a characterless girl. Mahima asks what are you saying? Shobhana says I will not let my son marry you.

Mahima says enough. Grandma says I believe that Mahima has made a mistake, but now she loves Mohit and we will get them married. Shobhana says that she doesn’t trust Mahima, and says that she has to prove that she has no physical relationship with anyone, and she will get her virginity tested. Everyone is surprised.


Precap: Shobhana says a girl who can leave a guy like Arjun on the mandap can do anything. She says I don’t trust her character, if she wants to marry then she has to prove that she is the right girl. Later Kashvi and Arjun read something shocking.



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