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Today’s Anupama 12th March 2024 episode starts with Toshu tells the goons that his plan didn’t work, his mother is in trouble because of him and them. He says understand, give me some time and then I will give you your money. They ask him to give the money in 10 minutes otherwise they will kidnap his wife and daughter. Toshu caught hold of the goon’s collar and asked how dare you? The goon beats him while the other one hits him. Anuj calls Aadhya.

Aadhya is with Shruti in the hospital and tells her that Shruti has lost hope of living and none of the medicines are working on her. She asks him to take a night flight and come there. Anuj asks him to be strong and says he will see what he can do. The goons beat Toshu. Toshu is beating one goon when another one is about to hit him with a rod, then Vanraj comes there and beats the goons.

He asks how dare you touch my son. The goons say your son is a fraud and he has to give our money. Vanraj gives his gold chain, ring and money and says he will give all the money. The goon tells Toshu that because of his father they are leaving him today, but next time he will not be able to save him. Vanraj asks Toshu what is the relation between Anupama, Haar and you.

Beeji calls Yashdeep and asks him to talk to Anu. She asks if the police said anything to her and starts crying. She asks what the lawyer said and asks Anupama to give courage. She says whoever has done this, get him punished. She says Anupama came here and was handcuffed and taken to PS. She asks do you suspect anyone. Yashdeep says he has no proof and can’t tell the lawyer and Mr. Kapadia. He says that he wants to confirm before saying anything. He says he will not let her spend the night in jail.

Anupama questions Kanha ji and asks why is he being punished and what did he do? She asks him to do something because she is very scared. Vanraj asks Toshu if he knows what he has done. Toshu says don’t misunderstand me and says whatever I did is for Pari. He says they gave me 30 minutes to give the money and threatens to snatch Pari from me. He says that then he called the school principal to confirm whether Pari is there or not, and he said that someone has taken Pari, and I thought that Pari has been kidnapped and I have no choice. was not.

Vanraj says that is why you trapped your mother. Toshu says that the father has done this for his daughter, not the son. He says he didn’t do it for himself and says it was an honest mistake. He tells that he thought that mother’s bag would not be checked. Vanraj says that they are stuck in this situation because of him. He says if you had told Anuj, Anupama or me then we would have done something and says you did this even after knowing the strict law here.

He says you always hurt your mother, you make mistakes and she always gets punished. He says he got the fraud medal because of you. Toshu says my angel would have died today. Vanraj says you are still thinking about yourself and don’t regret, and asks if you think what your mother is doing.

Anupama thinks that Kanha ji will not let anything happen to her and says that Anuj is with her. She says they will see the CCTV footage. Vanraj says Anupama will be punished because of you. Toshu asks what he might have done. Vanraj says never, I will never deal with any goons or do any illegal work. He says that he is still working hard and says that once he made a mistake and at that time he was punished for it.

Anupama gets nervous after reading the newspaper and starts crying. Police officer comes there and says no bail, you will go to jail.

Vanraj tells Toshu that amidst his differences with Anupama, he should not have done this, and says that Anupama does not deserve this. Toshu asks her not to tell anyone and says that Anuj is possessive of mummy and he will free her. He swears on Pari and says that he will not do anything in future. Anupama realizes it was her imagination and says get me out. Police officer comes there and picks him up. She says she will call the doctor and says your bail has been approved. She asks who bailed me out and goes out. She sees Beeji and Yashdeep standing and hugs her. She tells that it was like hell and that she will never forget his favor.

Vanraj and Toshu come home. Baa and Kinjal ask what happened? Vanraj says that robbers robbed him. Kinjal says she will bring first aid box.Anupama is at Beeji’s house and tells that she never thought that an empty room can be so dangerous. Beeji asks him to have tea. Yashdeep asks him to drink. When her own family members did not come to PS, Anupama thanked them for taking her out. She thanks him. Yashdeep says you have earned this trust.

Precap: Anupama gets warm welcome in the restaurant. She visits Toshu’s house and asks him if he let the theft happen when the master key was with him.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama gives her gold bangle to Leela. Malti recognizes the bangle.


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