Pandya Store 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 11th February 2024 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Pandya Store 11th February 2024  episode starts with Amba remembering Dhaval and crying. Chiku and Isha come home. Suman stops them. She gets an aarti thali and says you are taking steps towards your new life. She performs his aarti. She vaccinates them. She says tell me what you learned in cooking class today. Chiku and Isha are worried. Isha says sushi. Suman says oh, sushi, okay. She goes. Isha says she was behaving very well. Chiku says yes, I am also feeling strange and scared, is this the silence before a storm, let it be, we will see. It is morning time,

Dhaval eats a lot. He gets a call and disconnects. He gets Natasha’s message. He thinks what is so important, did something happen to Amrish. He calls Natasha. She makes a video call to him. He asks what is so important. Kataria asked Dhaval to drink ginger tea. Natasha says so you are at Kataria’s house, everything went well, be happy. Dhawal asks what is important, tell me. Amba asked Amrish to have food. Amrish calls Dhawal.

Dhawal disconnected the call. Natasha asks Dhaval to come to the inauguration of Pranali’s clinic. Dhaval smiles and wonders if Amrish agreed, how. He asks how did this happen suddenly. She says you forgot that we arranged the fees, he decided to start his own clinic, you come there, else you can keep Amrish’s old thinking, if you come, Amrish can know the difference. Yes, this is our collective effort.

She ends the call and asks whether Dhaval will come or not. She drinks some water. System asks what happened, is Dhaval coming. Natasha says I don’t know. she goes out. Pranali asks why did she run like this. Amrish says Dhaval is not answering, he left everything, don’t know where he spent the night, did he have food or not, Chirag, go and find him. Natasha comes and says wait, Dhaval is at Kataria’s place. Amrish says bring her home. She says he won’t agree, we have to find another way to get him. Amrish asks what? Natasha says we have to open Pranali’s clinic to bring Dhaval back. Everyone is surprised.

Amba threw a plate on the floor. She claps and says this is a cheap plan like you are cheap, I know what you want to do, you want to make my daughters-in-law free, you divide and rule, I will not let the system open the clinic. , Amrish will get the house. Bhaven scolds the system.

He says your sister’s education will stop and your family will come on the streets. Pranali says it would be better not to give money, Namita’s fees have been paid, she will do the job and return your money. Amrish got lost in thought. Amba asks Amrish to see the daughters-in-law arguing. She says it is because of Natasha, get her out of the house, everything will be fine. Natasha says Dhaval is stubborn, he will not agree, try to understand.

Amba says we will not dance to your tune, you want us to stand outside her clinic and clap, she will inaugurate the clinic, now Pranali will run the house and Bhaven will wash utensils in the house, then Hetal says she will become a dancer and Drive home, then Dhaval will say that he can come back home. Natasha says I told you the plan, the difference is you have to come there and protest, you and Amrish come there and protest, I will talk to Dhaval,

Amrish will then agree, this is my plan. Amba scolds him. She says you want us to come in Dhawal’s eyes and you will get appreciated. Natasha says please agree, this is the only way to bring Dhaval back. Amrish says Dhawal will not come back like this, but if he comes with the opening of this clinic, then I am ready to open the clinic. Everyone smiles.

Amrish says tell us what we have to do. Natasha says we will have these ear buds, we will be connected on conference call, you allow us to open the clinic. He says ok. She thanks him. Amba says I will die but will not support you in breaking the rules. Natasha says try to understand. Everyone hugs Natasha. Amba sits down angrily. Hetal asks him to have food. Amba refused. Hetal says eat something, then I will give you medicine.

Amba stopped him. Amrish comes. Hetal asks her to see that Amba is not eating anything. Amrish goes to feed Amba. Hetal says Amba doesn’t agree. Dolly says nothing will change, the plan flopped. The system asks what will happen now. Hetal says I am wondering if Amrish will change his mind.

Dhaval argues with Amrish. He gets yelled at for possessing fake medicines. Amrish says you are wrong. Dhaval says you will lose me forever. Natasha says I wanted to unite them, what happened, I will not lose, I will bring Dhaval back.

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