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Today’s Pandya Store 11th February 2024  episode starts with Natasha asks Dhaval how will you help Amrish. Amrish cries and calls Kanti Bhai. He says you know my journey, from where I started, you helped me before also, give me 50 bags of cement, I will sell it and return the money to you, I will do anything. Kanti says your name is bad in the market, will anyone buy goods from you. Everyone feels bad. Amrish says I will sell the goods, please this is my promise. Kanti says okay, come and take the stuff, give me Rs 50000 advance.

Amrish says okay. He cries. Hetal feels bad. Dhawal says that Amrish has a habit of getting back on his feet. Natasha says the space of Pandya store is vacant, Amrish can use that space. Dhaval hugs her and asks how do you know all this, you have a big heart, I wish I could become like you. She says I am not that good, I will not forgive you easily. He says that a person gets angry at the one he loves. She says I am getting late. She goes to Makwana’s house. Dhaval says why is she going to Makwana’s house. He follows him.

Amrish gives Rs 25000 to Hetal to run the house. He says you have to manage everything and mother’s medicines in this time, I will give you the money once the work starts. He cries. Hetal says I will always be with you, be it good or bad times, I just want some money, you keep it, you need it more. he goes Chirag and Bhaven cry. He says I don’t know what was going on in your mind, I am disappointed, Amrish scolds us, he is strict, but he never let us get upset.

Bhaven says you are right, I did a big mistake, I wanted to show her, I am also capable, I also deserve respect, I wanted everyone to praise me. The system watches. Bhaven says I became a fool, I did a big mistake. Chirag says okay, Amrish will make everything fine. Chiku says home is made of family, I feel lonely in this big house, I miss Suman and everyone. Isha says I understand, give him some time, Shesh has come, Suman, Mitthu and Natasha will also come soon.

He says I hope they will understand my intentions and come here. Dhaval and Natasha come to Makwana house. She hits him and says I was scared. He asks what are you doing here?

She says I have come to scare Chiku and take the property papers. Dhaval laughs and says I am with you, I am amazing, wait, he shows the house keys. She says you left the house, how did you get the keys. He says that when I used to return late from parties, it used to save me, I have to keep a backup, come back. She says I will become a cute ghost. He says that Chiku will not be afraid of the lovely ghost. She laughs. She asks him to come. He says yes, follow me. She says this was my house too. He says wow. They go.

Amrish calls Hemant and says I have started cement business, if you need it at the site then let me know. Hemant says your market position is weak, sorry. Amrish sees a beggar sleeping on the road. He cries. Hetal comes to apply oil on her hair. Amrish says don’t waste oil, I don’t know if there will be oil in kitchen tomorrow or not, keep it safe. Hetal says we fell but did not lose, I know Amrish who never learned to lose. He asks what should I say, how will I manage everything.

She says there are 8 people with you, they can do anything for you, many new paths will open. Natasha and Dhaval enter the house. they hide. Chirag says I will go and see Amrish and Hetal. Pranali asks how will Amrish come when there is no place here. Bhaven sees Amrish and Hetal talking. Amrish says I trusted Bhaven and you all too, I let you all do whatever you want, you all didn’t like my rules, when I started following your rules, we came to the streets, I Whom should I trust? Bhaven cries.

Amrish says you take care of the house, I will take care of everything else. Dhaval and Natasha hide in the room. They’re having a moment. A little bit of ritual…drama…they remember their moments. They see Chiku coming.

Chiku gets the property papers from the rice box. Natasha is hurt. Chiku asks who is there.

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ANS. You can watch Pandya Store online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

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