Anupama 18th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 18th October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 18th October 2023 episode starts withVanraj loses his temper and holds Suresh’s head. Suresh shouts and tells people that Vanraj has beaten him. He smiles. Kavya says why Anupama and Anuj brought Vanraj till now. Babu ji asks her not to worry and says nothing wrong will happen. Just then Samar’s students come there.

Baa asks who are they? Dimpy says to Samar’s students. Students say that they could not come earlier because of exams. He tells that Samar was not only his guru but also his guide, friend and elder brother and he also gave him good values and taught him to be happy. The student says that he is withdrawing from the dance competition and is not able to fulfill his dream. Dimpy says she will fulfill his dream, she says I will prepare them for the competition and they will win for Samar. Leela is surprised.

Malti Devi is teaching dance to little Anu. She sees Romil going and asks him where he is going? Romil says for some work. Malti Devi asks where? She says if Anupama was here then she would have also asked, but now I am managing the house that is why I am asking. Romil asks him not to worry and says he will not do anything that will hurt Anuj uncle and Anu aunty. He says you can never take Anu aunty’s place, and asks her to become Anuj uncle’s mother, not his mother.

Malti Devi says this is my son’s house. Romil explains that this is a refugee camp, because everyone here is a refugee. He says I have seen how you took advantage of Anuj being emotional. Malti says you are very ill-mannered. He says, I call it being straightforward. Malti Devi says I call it an illusion. She says there is a difference between a mother and a guest. She says even though I don’t want to, I have to become your mother and change you for the better. She says you have to tell where you are going, otherwise you can’t go. Barkha looks on and thinks she doesn’t like him, but she can throw Romil out.

Anupama, Anuj and Vanraj are in the car. Vanraj asks why did you stop me and says if I had killed Suresh, there would have been no one to get Sonu out of jail. He says that Samar’s father will kill him. Anupama asks him to stop it and says we will get justice for Samar, but will not do wrong. Vanraj says I will kill him.

Kavya hugs Dimpy and says I am proud of you. Babu ji says I am also with you. Kavya says Vanraj will be happy. Dimpy says he will be helpful. Baa asks how will Dimpy dance, as she is pregnant. Kinjal says Dimpy works at home too. Baa says there is a difference between household work and outside work. Dimpy says this baby is precious to me and says this is Samar’s last keepsake. She says this is my first pregnancy and I will not do anything that will harm my baby.

Baa says accident can happen any time, and says you will not take care of yourself while dancing. Dimpy says this child is the only support of my life. Kavya and Kinjal ask him to let Dimpy do this. Toshu says if anything happens to him. Babu ji asks Baa to go with him and take care of him. Baa says what will people say and taunt. Dimpy says that Samar’s dream is important for me, not people’s taunts. Kavya says we will think about ourselves. Kinjal says we didn’t think about people first. Dimpy says she will fulfill his dream.

Inspector called Anuj and said that Sonu was giving statement with great difficulty and then he became silent, as if someone had asked me to shut my mouth. He says he will send her the recording, he is afraid that they will get the recording deleted or transferred from there. Anuj thanks him. Kavya comes to Dimpy. Dimpy tells that Samar had another dream to get the seal removed from mom’s dance academy and gift it to her.

Kavya motivates him and says there are problems and we have to light the lamp. She tells that they are daughters-in-law and we will have arguments and one thing will always remain that we are a family and will always be so. Dimpy asks if we are really a family, as Kinjal, Pakhi and Toshu step back. Kavya says when you took dance academy from Anupama, you also thought about yourself. She explains that we sometimes become selfish, but will wait for the other person to return. She says Baa is worried for you and your baby. Dimpy asks about Vanraj. Kavya says he hasn’t come yet.

Then Anuj and Anupama bring Vanraj there. Kavya says she was scared. Kinjal asks him to control himself. Dimpy says you are strong in this house. Putting her hand on her stomach, Kavya says that if something happens to you, what will happen to us and our child. Vanraj says my child was Samar, not this child. He says don’t bring this child in front of me. He says my son was killed and I will kill him.

Kavya cries, Anupama asks her not to lose her strength and says even bad times will pass.

. Pakhi waits for Anupama to return. Anupama says how will I handle all this alone and cries. She says she is not able to handle, but she has to handle because she can and will do it. She drinks water and says life can take any test, but this mother can never fail. She says he can’t back out. Babu ji sees Vanraj talking to Samar’s photo and says everyone is seeing my anger, but not my love for you.

He says how can I remain careless until I punish that man. Babu ji comes in and asks to talk to him. He asks what did Samar say? Vanraj says Samar was complaining about Toshu, Pakhi and his fate. Babu ji says everyone can stop their support, but not their father. Babu ji says I will not stop supporting him and reminds him of his childhood incident. Vanraj laughs thinking this.

Anuj and Anupama return home. Anupama asks Anuj whose call had come in the car. She asks him to say. Anuj says I am saving you from pain. He says I will tell you when the right time comes. He says you were sure that nothing would happen to Samar, when he would be with me. And now it is difficult for you to trust me, but I am the same Anu and will tell you when the right time comes. Pakhi comes running there and hugs him. Anupama asks what happened? She asks are you worried about your papa and says he is fine. Pakhi says no. Anuj asks if Adhik has done anything. Pakhi says no.

Baa tells that they will do the puja with devotion. She prays to God to maintain peace and harmony in the house. More comes into the hall. Anupama asks what happened? She then asks Pakhi. Pakhi says Adhik and I were planning to have a baby, and the doctor suggested some tests, and the report says I can’t become a mother. Adhik closed his eyes in pain, while everyone was shocked. Anupama hugs Pakhi to calm her down. Pakhi breaks down and starts crying. She says I want to become a mother. Adhik says that we asked the doctor about some procedure or treatment, but nothing was possible.

Kinjal asks Toshu to tell everyone. Toshu says he can’t tell by looking at everyone. Kinjal says but she has to go. Toshu says Baa needs you. Kinjal asks him to inform everyone that they are relocating to UK. Vanraj hears and asks Toshu not to go. Baa says you didn’t tell us. Vanraj asks her not to go to the club and says you will be shot, please don’t go there, party here. He hugs her. Toshu says they are arranging garba. Vanraj goes with Kavya. Toshu says you wanted me to tell papa, but I can’t tell and can’t leave him now.

Adhik comes to Anupama. Adhik wiped his tears and kissed his hands. She says it is written in the report that Pakhi cannot give birth to a child, but it is not written in the report that she cannot become a mother. She says that a woman becomes a mother not through her body, but through her heart. She says that you will feel pain that you cannot become a mother, but that pain will not be bigger than becoming someone’s mother. She says that we will go to many doctors and get their opinion and if it is still not possible then we will adopt the child. She tells that Yashoda is mother.

Precap: Anupama tells that they will celebrate Samar’s favorite festival. They dance to celebrate it. Samar thanks Anupama. Anuj sees Inspector Aftab’s call on his phone.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama tells that they will celebrate Samar’s favorite festival. They dance to celebrate it. Samar thanks Anupama. Anuj sees Inspector Aftab’s call on his phone.


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