Anupama 7th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 7th December 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 7th December 2023 episode starts with Anuj asks Chhoti is it okay, does she not want to eat food. He says your card stuff is here, you have to make a sorry card for Riya. Anupama says that when you have made a mistake, you have to say sorry. Anuj says let’s go. Choti takes the paper in her hand. Anupama tells her that if Fried is upset then they will cheer her up and says that Riya will become her good friend again. Anuj says mummy is requesting you. Choti angrily tears the paper with the pen. Pakhi laughs. Everyone looks at him.

Vanraj calls Dimpy and asks her to come, and says he will drop her. Baa says Dimpy has gone for morning class. Vanraj says I told him that I will leave him. Babu ji says what if she leaves. Vanraj says that he will face difficulty in going in auto. Baa says when Kavya can go in auto in her 8th month then why can’t Dimpy go in auto. Kavya tells Baa that Vanraj does not care about Dimpy, but wants to keep an eye on her. Vanraj says yes, I want to keep that man away from Dimpy. He says that he does not want anything wrong which will bring us bad name. Kavya says you don’t trust Dimpy. Vanraj says I don’t trust that man. Kavya says that Niyati has already done wrong to Dimpy and asks her not to do wrong to her. Vanraj says Dimpy can do whatever she wants, I am just protecting her so that nothing wrong happens.

Tapish and Dimpy are teaching the students. Tapish remembers his words, while Dimpy remembers Vanraj’s words. She gives a 5 minute break to the students. Tapish tells Dimpy that he had emailed her about the students and said that they will start a new batch as the students have increased. He tells whatever he had said that day. Dimpy asks him to forget it and says we are good friends. He says yes. She tells that there is a dance show in Ahmedabad and Beat Blasters artistes are going to perform and I want to see it, and asks him if he can arrange tickets. He says ok and asks about Vanraj sir. Dimpy says she will see. Tapish turns and sees Vanraj standing. Vanraj asks Dimpy to come home. Dimpy asks will you come to pick and drop me. He says yes and asks her to come out quickly. She thinks I wonder if Papa has heard about the show, how will I go.

Pakhi gives presentation to Anuj, Anupama and others. She tells that the name of her brand will be Pretify and the tagline will be Princess Under Make Over. She asks Anuj to concentrate on his presentation and asks him to repeat what he just said. Anuj says that when I do business, I am serious and expect the other person to be serious too. Pakhi says I am sorry, I thought you were worried because of Choti.

After the presentation, Pakhi asks how is the proposal? Anuj asks Anupama how is the proposal. Anupama says nonsense. Pakhi says I know you are taking revenge from me by rejecting this proposal and says Badi is Joru’s slave. Anupama shouts at him and calls him ill-mannered, and warns her to throw him out of the house. She tells you what to do with you, and tells you not to mend your ways. If mom didn’t like her presentation, Adhik asked Pakhi to rework her idea. Pakhi says my presentation is excellent. Anupama asks him to meet some investor and sell his idea there, but you know very well that your fab idea is cheap. She tells that your concept, your design and even the brand name has been stolen from the internet. She asks what is your hard work in this, why will my husband invest.

Anuj tells that he is looking at the design, name etc and asks where are the figures, I want the numbers. He says what will be my ROI, when I get my returns and investment. Pakhi thinks if mummy had not said anything then I would have convinced Buddy. Pakhi argues and says many saree shops are working. Romil says that whoever goes to get funding for the project, he goes with folded hands and does not call him Joru’s slave. Pakhi says sorry for this. Romil says you did not say that many shops also get closed. Adhik says Romil is right.

Pakhi asks Romil to keep quiet, and asks Adhik if she is his enemy? More say that you are your own enemy. Anuj says enough and says if he misbehaves again he will throw the project in the dustbin. He asks her to come to the office next time and submit the proposal in a professional manner. He says don’t repeat your mistakes and says I don’t know why I am wasting my time. Anupama asks him to take more or Romil’s help. Pakhi says the truth is that you have decided not to give me money. Anupama asks him to go out and ask for money and says no one will give you even 10 rupees. Pakhi says I don’t want anything and says I will manage. More asks how? Pakhi says this is not your job. She goes. anupama says sorry to Anuj.

Pakhi comes to Vanraj and hugs him. Then she complains to him about Anupama and says that she does not care about her and does not value her. She says that because of her everyone shuns her and she feels like an unwanted guest. She says Malti Devi scolds me and everyone scolds me that I don’t do anything. She says they asked me to do something and told that they did not like my proposal and they are not supporting me. They say that they are sending lakhs of rupees to send Romil to Boston University, but do not want to give me anything. Vanraj asks him to come to his house, and says that he will give him financial support. He says it is not that Anupama doesn’t love him, and says she is stuck in many things that she is not able to concentrate on you. He asks her to come here. Baa says there is no need and asks Vanraj not to believe her, and says she is lying to you. Pakhi says she will go and bring her stuff. Baa tells that Pakhi and Dimpy cannot live in the same house. Vanraj says Pakhi can keep an eye on Dimpy. Baa gets worried.

Anupama is talking on phone and sees Pakhi leaving. Pakhi says I am going to my papa and my house, and says before you all question or taunt me. She says my papa will invest in my project, and says he has less money, but his heart is bigger than rich people, and says my papa trusts me completely. She tells Abhim that if he wants, he can come and meet her and leaves. Romil asks Anupama if she will not stop him. Anupama says ‘no’ and says no one will go to stop her, make her understand. She says that if she wants, she will come back herself.

Precap: Pakhi sees Dimpy in dance event and says now see what I will do. She calls Vanraj there, who scolds her for lying and coming there with Tapish. Dimpy says he is my friend and says he is an adult. Pakhi asks her to meet him in the hotel room. Tapish asks him to shut up. Vanraj slaps him and asks how dare he talk to his daughter like this. Anupama says how dare your daughter make such a bad allegation against her sister-in-law.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama gives her gold bangle to Leela. Malti recognizes the bangle.


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