Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update

Anupama 8th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Anupama 8th November 2023 episode starts with Tapish says sorry. Anupama tells Dimpy that she saved her from falling. Dimpy asks if I asked her to save her. Tapish says I had forgotten that helping without asking can hurt someone’s ego. He asks Anupama to teach him dance while Dimpy teaches the students. Anupama says Romil told me about your video and said his dance academy will benefit.

She then thanks him for saving Dimpy and tells her that she has another life, her last memory of her son and Dimpy’s only purpose for living. Teacher asks Malti Devi to inform Anupama about sports day, and asks if she has seen it. Malti Devi recalls seeing it and says that she has seen it. The teacher says she will call him. Malti Devi says no need, I will remind her. Then she tells that Chhoti’s grandmother will come, not her mother. She is planning to come there with Anuj.

Baa removes evil glance from Dimpy and says, that is why I say. Anupama says Dimpy will only teach dance. She asks Baa what to do to celebrate the festival. She convinces Baa to celebrate Diwali. Baa says we will also celebrate Diwali. Anupama says don’t know when Toshu and Kinjal will return, and says they will celebrate grand so that they have only good memories. Baa asks Anupama to be careful of Malti Devi, she will do something.

Malti Devi comes home and sees Pakhi with the parcel. She asks if the excess salary has been spent. Pakhi says that she has done this purchase with Anuj’s credit card which he gave her. She goes. Malti Devi got worried. Kavya feels pain in her shoulder. Anupama massages his shoulder.

After some time Kavya asks him to stop. Anupama says you are still working. Kavya says that she is working sitting at home, and takes advantage of all opportunities and manages the work somehow. She says that the house cannot survive with Babu ji’s pension and Dimpy’s classes. She says she knows Anuj and you will support us, but she hesitates to take their help as she is always independent.

Anupama offers her help when needed. Kavya smiled. She gets a call and leaves. Anupama thinks Kavya will be happy and wonders how she will be happy amidst the problems. Kavya comes back and asks Anupama to take a break and says you have done a lot, so go and take a break for some time, it is good. Anupama says you are right. Kavya asks him to go to Mussoorie after Diwali. Anupama checks online resorts and calls Abhira Sharma. Abhira asks why are you calling me again and again. Anupama says she called her for booking. Abhira apologizes to him for saying so.

Anupama asks him to keep quiet and says whatever happens, happens for good. She says I understood that you are worried, and asks her to stop if she crosses the limits. Abhira asks her to say and says she reminded her of her mother, the way she scolded her. Anupama tells him that there is a goddess in every woman, and asks him to fight. Abhi thanks her and says I will book the room and meet you soon. Anupama says I have to go.

Barkha asks Malti Devi not to look at the price tag and says you will get a heart attack. She tells that Pakhi got lifetime victim card and guarantee. She says Anupama could not make her daughter understand. She says Pakhi is spendthrift and also ill-mannered. She tells that Dimpy now lives here and tells that this house is like a refugee. She says that as soon as Kinjal and Toshu go to America. She tells that they will all be here and you will be in the garage. Malti Devi says that this will not happen. Barkha says if you go against Anupama then you will be thrown out from here. Malti Devi says this is my son’s house and Anupama doesn’t know what her mother-in-law can do.

Anupama comes home and calls Choti. Malti Devi says that Choti had gone to her friend’s house to stay for the night. Anupama is shocked and says she will call him. Malti Devi says that she must have slept by now. Anupama tells him to ask her or Anuj before taking any decision about him. Malti Devi says she doesn’t think she needs his permission. Anupama asks him not to do this again.

She goes to the room and thinks Malti Devi knows that I will not tell Anuj and that is why she is doing this. She says that if Malti Devi forgets her limits then I will also forget mine. Malti Devi thinks of informing Anuj for the sports day function at the last moment, but will not inform Anupama. Anupama plans to pick up Chhoti from her friend’s house, get her ready for school and then drop her there and spend the day with her after she returns. Malti Devi says she will spend the day with Choti.

Precap: Anupama tells Anuj that she will go to take Choti. Barkha says Malti Devi had already gone there. Later Anupama is seen at Malti Devi’s younger school function.G learns about the wedding and she is going there and falls on the road. Malti Devi will participate in the competition with Chhoti.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Anupama

ANS. You can watch Anupama online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Anupama upcoming story

ANS. Anupama gives her gold bangle to Leela. Malti recognizes the bangle.


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