Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 17th November 2023 Episode starts with episode starts with Tara going to meet Vandu. Vedika says we have to go out for Diwali shopping, I have sent Tara to Vandu. Pammi says you did right. Bobby says she is happy with Vandu. Vedika says she wanted some Diwali stuff, she said she will go with Vandu, she will be happy there. Kunal says I will be right back. Pammi says he was having food with us, you made him go away. Vedika says Tara is her daughter.

Pammi says he needs a wife, his anger will end when he gets love, I will find a good girl for him. Vedika prays that Kunal, Vandu and Tara get together. Vandu and Tara have a good time while shopping. Ashiana…plays…Sonia comes there and meets Tara. She thanks Vandu. She says Kunal doesn’t answer me, you have called Tara here to make us meet. Vandu says she is happy to meet you. Tara shows the things she has bought.

Tara says I enjoyed a lot with Vandu. Sonia says I am very happy, are you happy at home. Tara tells about the family. Sonia asks if papa loves you. Tara says he will slowly start loving me. Sonia asks if he scolds or beats me. Tara says no. Sonia says don’t be afraid of anyone, if anyone troubles you then tell me, I will send them to jail, I will get a mobile phone for you. Tara says no, I do mischief, but no one scolds me. Sonia says if they do wrong then you call me.

Tara asks will you take me home on Diwali, you and Inder will go out. Sonia says we will celebrate Diwali today, I will buy expensive toys for you. Tara says no, Vandu has already brought everything for me. Vandu says let mumma give a gift with love. Tara says I want to win the doll and gift it to Shivam. Sonia says I will buy the doll. Vandu says let him plan, winning is fun. Sonia says ok, go. She asks Vandu to have coffee.

They have coffee. Sonia says you are so silent, is there something in your heart? Vandu says I shouldn’t say in this matter, I will say that if you are asking why you said wrong about her father in front of Tara, it will scare her. Sonia says please. Vandu says sorry if you felt bad, I know Tara, that’s why I am saying this. She says Kunal can never raise his hand on Tara. Sonia says I have raised Tara for 7 years, now Kunal has to take this responsibility.

Vandu asks why didn’t you tell Kunal about Tara, he got cheated, you want him to forget everything, how, he can’t take the responsibility. Sonia explained to him. Vandu says you should give some time to Kunal. Sonia says I want to live my life in my own way, this is the problem, when a woman thinks about herself then she looks selfish and wrong. Vandu says not at all, you should think about your child. Sonia and Vandu argue. Kunal comes and sees.

He asks what is happening here. He asks how dare you introduce Tara to Sonia without asking me. Vandu says sorry. He asked Sonia to improve. Sonia says I am her mother and I don’t need your permission to meet her, I asked Vandu to bring Tara. He says you had to ask me, Vandu has no relation with Tara. He argues with them.

Vandu says Tara wanted to meet Sonia, you can’t stop her. He stops him. He says you kept Tara away from me for 7 years, I will take her custody, I won’t let you meet her. Sonia says I am her mother. He says I don’t care. He asks Vandu not to try to be Tara’s mother. He requests them to stay away from Tara. Tara comes. Kunal takes him.

Sonia says you mean Kunal has changed a lot. Vandu says you couldn’t understand him. Kunal and Vandu argue. He asks her to leave. Tara asks Vandu to stop.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

ANS. You can watch Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si upcoming story

ANS. Anjali scolds Vijay and says you cheated us, wow Vandu, you trapped Vaibhav. Vandu says I swear, I didn’t know this. Vaibhav closed the door. Vandu cries and asks him to open the door.

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