Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November Episode starts with Pammi signing Sonia. Vandu brings Tara there and signs Kunal. he nods. The judge comes. Hearing begins. Kunal says I want to keep Tara with me, so I request her full custody. Sonia also makes the same request. Vandu asks Tara to close her ears. Kunal and Sonia argue. The judge says I want to talk to the girl right now. Vandu asks Tara to talk to the judge.

The judge asked Tara can I talk to you. Tara took no. Indicated. Kunal asks Tara to come. Tara asks Vandu to come. Judge says let Tara talk to me. She asks Tara who do you want to live with. Tara says I want to live with my mother. Sonia smiled. Kunal and Vandu are worried. The judge asks Tara to say it again, not to be afraid. Tara says I want to live with Vandu. Inder becomes happy. Kunal looks at Vandu. Sonia argues. Judge says don’t make noise, my job is to do justice, we have to be careful in child’s case, I talk to Tara during lunch break.

Sonia says that she did not take my name under any pressure. The judge asks Tara to tell everyone. Tara says Pammi came to my room at night. He remembers that Pammi was making him talk to Sonia. Sonia promises to keep him happy always. She brainwashes Tara. She tells Tara that she wants to live with her mother. FB is over. Kunal and everyone look at Pammi. Judge says everyone talks about values of children, I won’t tolerate it, get divorce but don’t make custody of children your insistence,

Tara has refused to live with Sonia, she is with Vandu. Wants to live together, Vandu is Kunal’s neighbor, so Kunal is currently given the custody of the child. Vandu and Kunal smile. The judge says that the decision will be taken in the next hearing. Sonia scolds Vandu. Kunal scolds Sonia and asks her to leave from there. Sonia says Tara, I love you so much, please come back to me. Kunal and Vandu shout ‘no’.

Sonia says I will not let you live in peace. Kunal says whatever you do, you will not get Tara. Sonia says I will take Tara from you, just wait and see. At home, Kunal scolds Pammi for hatching this conspiracy with Sonia. Bobby and Guneet also scold him. Pammi says I am a mother, I thought Tara would be happy with her mother. Vedika says Sonia is not a good mother, Tara will not be happy with her. Guneet says enough Pammi ji, you made a mistake. Kunal argues. Pammi says remember, one day Vandu will take Tara’s support and come to this house as Kunal’s bride, that day Vandu will win and we all will lose. Sonia throws things in anger.

Inder says stop this drama right now, you wanted to give Tara to Kunal, are you crazy. She asks what did Kunal see in Vandu which is not in me, why is he choosing Vandu. He shouts Sonia… you are divorced from Kunal, you don’t care about him. She says Vandu is snatching Tara and pushing Kunal away, I can’t tolerate this. She breaks things. Inder thinks I did all this to defeat Kunal, but why is he not losing, Sonia has been with me for years but her heart is stuck on Kunal. He says, stop it. She says Kunal is only mine. Inder raises his hands and shouts. Kunal and Bobby look at Vandu and Tara. Vandu asks Tara not to hide anything from her father. She feeds Tara. Kunal smiled.

Bobby says they are perfect for each other. Kunal says there is good tuning between them, they understand each other, Sonia and I could not do it, Vandu did it alone. He gets Sonia’s message. Lawyer says court has allowed Tara to stay with you, but there is no guarantee that the decision will not change, I am your friend, Vandu is not Tara’s family, think something to get Tara’s custody. Kunal thinks about Tara.

Kunal asks will you marry me, Vandana. He proposes to Vandu. He says I don’t love you, I just wanted to ask you, will you marry me to become Tara’s mother. Vijay said to refuse the marriage. Vandu goes to answer Kunal.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si

ANS. You can watch Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si upcoming story

ANS. Anjali scolds Vijay and says you cheated us, wow Vandu, you trapped Vaibhav. Vandu says I swear, I didn’t know this. Vaibhav closed the door. Vandu cries and asks him to open the door.

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