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Barsatein 30thOctober 2023 episode starts with Malini saying Aradhana, maybe you had a crush on your boss, you know everything, it is my mistake, I called you my daughter and gave you a right, you are just a guest here. Reyansh comes and says Malini ji, tell Kimaya that I have switched on AC in the car. He asks Aradhana to come with him to discuss a story. Aradhana asks what are you doing?

He says your mother doubts you, you left me for her, are you such a big fool. She says she is your mother, she can tell me anything. He says Malini doesn’t know this. She says she knows it, don’t get into it. He says okay, I won’t tell her that you are giving up your love for her, you have to see it with your own eyes now. Kimaya comes. Reyansh flirts with her. They come to a café. She says I am knowing you well now. He says I was lost in the shine of your earrings.

Jai and Aradhana come and see them. Reyansh says friends, we are going to get married, lunch is free from my side. He says Kimaya, you are special. Jai and Aradhana come in front of them and harass them. Jai says, I thought of holding a work meeting here. Reyansh jokes. Aradhana asks why, don’t we deserve the best. She joins them. Reyansh asks Jai if he forgot romance. Jai says you have everything.

Aradhana says Reyaansh doesn’t like red sauce pasta, fries are okay, but he doesn’t like ketchup. Reyansh says K is my life, passion and mission now. Aradhana says okay, Kimaya, you will get to know that she has strange eating habits. Kimaya asked Delhi, do you guys already know each other. Aradhana says yes, we have an old relation Reyansh sir. Reyansh says Kimaya and I will know each other well. She says I will tell everything about you. Jai says no, she can leave him.

Reyansh asks Jai to bring something for Kriti. Jai says I don’t pretend to love like you. Reyansh says he is my best friend, I want to marry Kimaya today, I don’t want to wait for parents. Kriti calls Jai. Jai does not answer. Reyansh takes the call. She asks are you guys together? Reyansh says I have brought him here with Aradhana. She says its great, why did you leave me alone. He says ask this to Jai, he is missing you and he got a surprise, don’t forgive him quickly.

He ends the call. She gets angry at Aradhana and says I will ruin her. Kriti goes to meet Jai. She brings tiffin for him. He asks why are you doing drama, when there is no one around. She says our parents and Aradhana will be sad, they should know that we are happy. He says you think you are happy, you can’t change my feelings, take food and leave me alone. She throws the food down.

Viren comes with Akash and asks what happened. She cries and complains about Jai. Viren says it is not the food’s fault. Reyansh comes and says she is an emotional girl. Akash says this is not fair, don’t make her cry. Jai says sorry Kiki, I love you. Reyansh says I have to teach her romance. He welcomes Viren and invites him home for dinner. He also invites Jai.

Reyansh asks Jai why he is behaving like this. Jai says you are doing this, you tell me about yourself, why are you playing with Kimaya and Aradhana’s feelings. Reyansh says don’t get in between this. Jai says I am your friend. He calls Aradhana to his cabin. He invites worship. He says Reyansh, I will make you aware of the truth. Vivek says I can’t do this drama. Reyansh says do some drama for me. Vivek asks what about Aradhana? Reyansh says relax papa.

Kadambari says if they are coming then stop. They welcome guests. He taunts Viren. He looks at Aradhana. Kriti says Aradhana was with Jai in the restaurant, Kimaya was upset. Reyansh targets Viren and Kamdabari. Vivek asks him to serve dal. Reyansh says that Kadambari Devi’s Ghazal Night will mark the beginning of Kimaya and my marriage, there is another surprise.

He shows 7 days counter and says I will marry Kimaya in 7 days. Kimaya agrees. Reyansh and Vivek go aside to talk. Vivek, Ankush and Jai made excuses and left. They ask Reyansh why he is doing this drama. Reyansh says I have thought about it well. Vivek asks why, just to insult Aradhana. Reyansh says I have a bigger purpose. He drinks some water and leaves. A man gives an envelope to Reyansh. Viren gets it and keeps it. Reyansh and Aradhana argue. Viren and family leave.

Aradhana asks Kadambari to stop Reyansh. She goes to Reyansh. He says I am heartless. she says that

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