Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2023 episode starts with Malishka shouting at the sky and saying that she has sent Rishi and Lakshmi to God.She asks God to never send them back and continues laughing as the car is seen floating above the lake.At home, Karishma asks Virendra why he is worried now while Harleen tells him not to think about it later.

Virendra prompts Harleen to realize that he is doing this drama to bring Rishi and Lakshmi back home.Neelam assures Harleen that they will do anything to bring Virendra back to his normal health and holds Virendra’s hand.He thinks they both know what they mean to each other, that’s why he’s doing this drama.

Malishka walks on the highway remembering her moments with Rishi while Ayush, Shalu and Bani pass by her.Shalu notices him but doesn’t think much about it as she calls Rano asking if Lakshmi has called her.Rano answers her negatively and Shalu disconnects the call saying that it means Lakshmi has not reached the airport and asks Ayush to drive fast.Malishka reaches a temple and starts talking about Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage.

Meanwhile, two friends come to the lake to enjoy when they see the car and rush to rescue someone alive One friend tells the other to inform the police as he dives into the water to see if anyone is alive, but he finds no one inside the car.Malishka covers her forehead with ashes while talking to Matarani and says that she did as Matarani wanted as Rishi was never in Lakshmi’s destiny.

However, for this she had to kill her lover with her own hands and she cried and said that she loved Rishi very much but he killed her with her own hands and placed his hand on her head due to which her skin broke and started bleeding .She looks at her bloodied hands and says that she knew Rishi would never choose her over Lakshmi so she killed him too.

Bani starts crying and Ayush tries to console her when he sees that she is about to crash with the police jeep.However, he stops the car just in time and gets out of the car to apologize to the grumbling police officer.Seeing Shalu worried, the police officer interrogated her and she told that her sister and brother-in-law, who were going on honeymoon, were missing.

The police officer gives them news about a car that they had received a call about that has fallen off a cliff and gives Ayush the number of the car.Ayush realizes that the car is the one that Rishi was using and starts driving with the police officer while the sisters start crying.Malishka reaches home and Kiran restlessly asks her if she did not kill Rishi or Lakshmi.

However, Malishka smiles evilly and says that she took her revenge by ending Rishi and Lakshmi’s lives, which brings her peace.
Is Malishka in trouble?Kiran slaps him and asks him if he remembers that she is his daughter, while Sonal turns on Malishka and asks her if she has left any evidence.Malishka says she is not dumb and says there is no evidence to link her to his death.

Meanwhile, the police, Ayush and the sisters reach the lake and become worried when they see divers searching for a dead body.Ayush sees the poster of Lakshmi Weds Lakshmi on the back of the car and confirms that it is Rishi’s car while the police officer sends the details of the truck to higher authorities.Shalu and Ayush argue while Bani argues that Lakshmi and Rishi could have got out before the car fell into the cliff and reached the hospital.

Ayush nods and goes to the police who nods at the possibility and takes a picture of Rishi and Lakshmi.Meanwhile, Sonal once again asks Malishka about any evidence and she reveals that she had left the vehicle which she had used to kill Rishi and Lakshmi.


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