Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 episode starts with Malishka is very stressed while walking in the room, thinking how she switched off the light of the store room and then pulled Lakshmi into the room but still she was not able to defeat her, Malishka wonders how Lakshmi is like that. Kiran questions why she hasn’t stopped thinking about Lakshmi, when Malishka replies that she can’t stop thinking until Lakshmi herself becomes a ghost,

Kiran says That she doesn’t even feel like slapping him because she can’t understand the signs of God, who has blessings on Lakshmi. , Malishka says it is a sign from God but for her because he tried to kill Rishi but he is alive and so she can still marry him because it is a sign for her, Malishka says Rishi Said that she feels that Rishi is around but that feeling was for her,

Malishka explains that if Rishi was not in her destiny he would not have been around, Malishka is sure that bot they could still be a couple. Kiran tells that if Rishi had caught her then Malishka would have gone to jail, and she has to stay here to be around Rishi. Malishka replies that she needs to kill Lakshmi to be around Rishi. Sonal asks what Malishka is saying because she has gone crazy when Malishka replies that she is actually crazy about Rishi and if he can think about Lakshmi then why can’t he think about her.

Ayush leaves his car and goes to the local vendors and asks if they have seen Lakshmi with a bandage on her head, he wonders if it is just his imagination or has he actually seen her, Ayush is a Stops the woman and asks if she has seen Lakshmi but the woman replies that she was fine some time ago. Ayush gets a call from Shalu when she asks if he has caught the driver, when Ayush says that he managed to escape Bani asks how will they reach Lakshmi Di, Ayush explains that he felt like it. He sees Lakshmi but when he turned the driver around Shalu and Bani managed to escape so he ends the conversation.

Malishka tells that she is definitely going to marry Rishi and for this she needs to kill Lakshmi, Kiran replies that she will not do anything like that but Malishka gets angry saying that she will not kill Lakshmi. As she is leaving, Kiran stops her asking how she can explain this to Malishka, she replies that she shouldn’t even try because she loves Rishi and will make sure she gets married to him, but For this Lakshmi will have to die,

Kiran threatens to end all relations with her if she leaves the house. , Malishka says that she can do it because she did the same to Rishi when he walked out of the house, Kiran sits in despair and wonders what she can do to talk some sense into Malishka. Can do.

Rishi is searching for Lakshmi but it gets dark when he prays that he has had enough of this hide and seek and needs to find her, Rishi thinks as if he has seen Lakshmi so continues to search for her. Keeps asking to move aside but when Rishi falls, Lakshmi falls. Coming out of the car and continuously calling Lakshmi, the driver gets angry at Rishi and asks if he is not seeing clearly. ,

but Rishi starts pushing them away saying that he saw Lakshmi, however they say that Rishi is just blaming them, he says that he is sure that he saw her but Rishi starts fighting with both of them. However they start beating Rishi and when he falls on the ground they say that he should first find his Lakshmi then try to fight them, they leave while the car The sage sitting nearby is continuously praying that he should get Lakshmi, he even starts crying calling out to Lakshmi.

While driving the car Malishka thinks where can she find Lakshmi as she said with confidence that she will find her but where will she find her, Malishka thinks that Lakshmi always says that she is going to be Rishi’s shield but Where is he when she needs him most and he is sure there is a reason for all this, even the seasons change.

Virendra enters the house when Neelam comes to him and questions whether he was able to find Rishi, she says that he has returned without finding Rishi. Virendra replies that he went to the Commissioner when Neelam asks about Rishi, but he says that he went to the Commissioner to find Lakshmi and that they are sending reinforcements.

Neelam questions what kind of father he is as he knows that Rishi is not well and yet he went to find him but how will he be able to do that when he himself is not well. Virendra replies that Lakshmi has been kidnapped, but hearing this Neelam asks if the kidnappers had called anyone for Lakshmi, hearing this Virendra calls Shalu and asks if she found out about Lakshmi. , Shalu says she thought she would know it,

Virendra says if someone has kidnapped Lakshmi. It was for the sake of money. Virendra tells Shalu That if she gets any call she should call him, Shalu says Ayush told her how the owner also managed to escape. Karishma comes to Virendra and asks what happened when he says that the kidnappers did not call anyone, Neelam replies that Lakshmi has not been kidnapped and hence asks Virendra

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