Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 : Exclusive! Salman Khan is back as the host of the show praises Elvish Yadav for his game and humour

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 : Exclusive! Salman Khan is back as the host of the show stay on for more news

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 is performing really well and has been dubbed a blockbuster season. One of the causes is the amount of substance provided by the candidates to the show.

Finally, the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode has arrived, and Salman Khan is back as the show’s presenter, where he will share his thoughts on who performed well and who did not.

We’ve seen him lash out at competitors in the past if they made a mistake or didn’t play the game correctly, but he also assists the participants if they get confused in the game, and they take his advice seriously.

Due to prior engagements, the actor was unable to host the event last weekend, but he will return this weekend.

According to insiders, Salman has lauded wild card candidate Elvish Yadav for his performance on the programme, telling him that he is playing the game well and that there is amusement in the show due of his strong sense of humour.

Elvish entered the programme as a wild card participant two weeks ago, and since then, he has played the game well and earned a place in the audience’s heart, and they have awarded him a thumbs-up for his game and have labelled him one of the season’s good players.

There is no doubt that the YouTuber is playing the game effectively, and many regard him as one of the show’s finals.

Are you looking forward to seeing Salman Khan return for the weekend episode?

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