Imlie 16th November 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16th November 2023  Written Update Written Update on

Today’s Imlie 16th November 2023 episode starts with Imlie asks Agastya if he is fine. Agastya nods yes and says that the police still think that the fire incident at his shop happened due to his negligence. Sonali says this is wrong. Agastya says that is why the police had to release him. The inspector moves in with his team to arrest Agastya. Annapurna asks if they did not find any criminal in Purvaiya who comes to their house again and again.

Agastya asks how will he arrest him without warrant. Inspector says this time he has both proof and warrant; They ran their kitchen despite being warned by the fire department that their kitchen was not safe. Agastya says he did not get any warning. Inspector says he should give explanation in police station and arrests Agastya. Annapurna got scared. Agastya asks the family to take care of Annapurna, he will return soon.

Amrit goes to Imlie and says if he had shown his talent, he would not have shown his talent; If she doesn’t sing in the bar, Agastya will die in jail. Imlie agrees. A host at the bar announces Imlie’s performance. Imlie sings Jhalla Mera Aashiq Jhalla… song. Amrit rescues Agastya and brings the entire family to the bar. They are shocked and disappointed to see Imlie in that condition. Imlie realized that it was Amrit’s trap. Amrit recalls bringing Agastya and Imlie there to show them the truth. Annapurna collapsed. Coming back home, Annapurna tries to slap Imlie. Rajni stops him. Annapurna says Gattu married Imlie and brought her home, he accepted Imlie with all his heart; Agastya had promised not to repeat history, but he repeated his father’s mistake and once brought the girl home.

Imlie says it is not Agastya’s fault as he doesn’t know that she sings in a bar. Amrit says she is lying. Imlie asks how does she know. Sonali says Agastya must have seen Imlie first. Imlie says she saw Agastya and her. Annapurna asks then why is she singing even after marriage. Imlie says she needs money. Annapurna asks how much money does Chaudhary family DIL need, he ruined the dignity of the family. Sonali says that Imlie has a habit of being among men and she goes to bars to fulfill her hobbies. She keeps blaming Imlie. Rajni tries to stop him. Alka says her loved ones may make mistakes, but not her daughter; Sonali was thrown out for her mistake and now Imlie must be thrown out of the house.

Agastya apologizes to Annapurna for everything. Annapurna asks him to throw Imlie out of the house. Sonali brings Imlie’s bag and says she came here with 2 sets of clothes and now she is leaving with a suitcase full of clothes. Agastya holds Imlie’s hand and leaves her at the door. He says he thought he was wrong, but he was right that she would never change; He made a big mistake by making her family cry; He must never show his face again.

He closes the door on her face. Annapurna cries and the family tries to console her. Imlie sitting under a tree starts crying remembering all the best moments spent with Agastya. The song Teri Meri Kahani Hai Yeh.. plays in the background. Jugnu gets nervous and tells Dolly that she has to inform someone that whatever is happening here is wrong. Agastya watches her from the balcony.

Precap: Jugnu tells Rajni that Amrit threatened Imlie to sing in a bar to escape from Agastya’s jail. Rajni informed this to Govind and decided to get justice for Imlie by informing Annapurna.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. where to watch Imlie

ANS. You can watch Imlie online on HOTSTAR or it will telecast on STARPLUS

Q1.Imlie upcoming story

ANS. Amma ji is angry and wants to know the family details of the girl he is marrying.

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